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The problem of searchunderstanding of the human race came from far yesterday. If you believe the Biblical legend, the process that began during the construction of the Tower of Babel. Since then, people began to speak in different languages, and speak one language group - and even different dialects. In such circumstances, to solve the problem of understanding can learn a foreign languageand. This is especially true in our time, when communication and cooperation at the international level has reached its peak and hitherto unimaginable scale. No one, I think, will dispute the fact that you need to know English as a language of international communication. But apart from him, there are also many other pretty weighty in meaning and use of language. Onemost influential in this regard is the German language. This language is a large European country with one of the strongest economies in the world. Here are the headquarters of the largest manufacturers of power and process equipment, automotive, instrumentation. In addition, Russian and English are quite deep-rooted andrelationship from the time of Peter I and Catherine. Start the practice of translation is also comparable to that era. Big push this practice has given the work of such writers as Schiller, Goethe, Kafka, and philosophers - Kant, Nietzsche, Schopenhauer and many other prominent figures. The Second World War and the subsequent scientific and technicalboom greatly accelerated this process. German, just like any other language in the world, has its own characteristics and nuances that should be considered in the preparation of the translation of a specific text. To increase the level of skill of the translation should take into account the experience and recommendations of professional linguists and translators toELSE absorbed authorship Arkhipova AF On the pages of this publication system set out general guidelines, strict rules, as well as practical exercises to consolidate the results. The manual will be useful for the development and consolidation of the primary translation skills in the field of geography and general economic theory. The book is positioned as a vesma useful practical, both for students of different specialties philological profile, as well as those who own masters skills of translation from German into Russian.

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