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Aleksandr Sergeyevich Pushkin

Poets from the whole world and of all ages glorify in their work such a great feeling, like love. And each poet has his own personal relationship to this topic. Such famous movement in the literature as sentimentalism is based on this great feeling of love and friendship. A great place in the works of the romantic poets takes the theme of love.

The theme of love in the works of Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin occupies a huge niche. In poet's lyric with amazing strength and wealth revealed a talent of his nature. When you read Pushkin's love lyrics, you realize that age is no obstacle for love.

Aleksandr Sergeyevich Pushkin Poems of Alexander Pushkin, one might say, is a kind of poetic diary, which shows us, the readers, all the main stages and nuances of the development of such feeling as love in the life of the poet. We see how the attitude to love changes in the lyrics of Alexander Pushkin.

Poem "Desire" was written by Pushkin in early adulthood, when he was studying in the high schools. In this poem we hear only sadness, longing, sorrow of unhappy first love. Yes, love hurts, but the poet does not want to get rid of it. The meaning of this poem is that even the suffering of love can inspire a person's life.

Time passes. The perception of love by Pushkin is changing. In the poem "flying ridge of the clouds thins..." we, the readers, see that the poet shown a new meaning of the theme of love in this poem.  Love and nature - are two powerful elements that joined in this composition. Full of harmony majestic landscape reminds about love. Here love - the source of life in which a person will experience: grief and joy, lack of freedom and anxiety.

Love can make wonders, so it resists all misfortunes and persecutions of fate. We can assume that this is the main point of the poem of Alexander Pushkin, "I remember a wonderful moment". The poet wrote this poem after meeting with A. P. Kern in the Mikhailovskoye village. She made an indelible poetic impression on Pushkin. Poet thought that the monotony of days, "the darkness of captivity," loneliness of the exile, would kill such a great feeling as love. Pushkin thought that his soul dies together with love. But miracle occurs, a new meeting with the "genius of pure beauty" revives the love of the poet, it brings a new creativity feeling and inspiration with it. Love opens the richness and beauty of the world before the poet, forms the ideal of his beauty.

His poem "Madonna" Pushkin dedicated to Natalia Goncharova. In the divine light image, shown in the picture, the poet sees the features of the lovely woman, he is grateful for this meeting, that fate presented him.

Aleksandr Sergeyevich PushkinIn the poem, "I loved you" Pushkin conveys emotions and suffering of lyric hero, who is forced to leave his be loved woman. This is one of the sad stage of love in the life of the poet. Pushkin is full of gratitude to the woman who gave him the happy moments. He sincerely wishes her happiness and love with another person.

We can see that the theme of love in the works of Alexander Pushkin in different periods is disclosed in different ways.  Love is in the works and life of Pushkin was always bright passion that embodies the feeling of fullness of life. Many russian poets inherited Pushkin's traditions of the themes of love. Love lyrics of the great russian poet became the basic one for for creativity of Mikhail Yurevich Lermontov. Such prose writers, as Turgenev, Goncharov, Tolstoy in their works developed the theme of philosophical selfless love, which was created by Alexander Pushkin.

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