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GstarCAD Gstarsoft company announced a new release of its own flagship solution, which is the 2D/3D design system called Gstar CAD. A proprietary system - GRX is used at the heart of this product. Developers from China when creating a new version of this solutions  has been achieved a great success: they have increased productivity.
GstarCAD Gstar CAD package contains a lot of different tools. Objects can be created on the cross sections. There is also support of logical operations with broken lines. These innovations make Gstar CAD convenient and reliable product that can be used to create two-dimensional and three-dimensional images of architectural objects, engineering networks. In addition, it allows you to work with maps, various machinery objects and other engineering industries.
There is a special block editor in the latest version of Gstar CAD. BEdit command allows to create and modify various types of dynamic blocks in a short period of time.  When on the drawing will be placed similar blocks, the user can easily change and line options, and specify the external design in accordance with his taste, which will allow him to accurately select the compatibility with surrounding objects.
GstarCADAmong other useful innovations Gstar CAD may be noted availability of special features thanks to which you can use DWF, as substrate to create drawings files. Additionally a spelling system is implemented in the product. In the last issue of Gstar CAD appeared a special command, called Superhatch. Still need to note the presence of manager of attributes for different blocks. With a large number of commands and the different functions Gstar CAD can be used with Auto CAD - famous CAD ​​system.
GstarCADSome mechanisms of Gstar CAD have been implemented in specialized plugins. For example, in some plugins appeared the opportunity to convert CAD-table from the drawing to the standard electronic record,  of Excel format. Also, users will be able to copy the text, create a separate signature on the lines and use additional forms of commands that allow you to work with separate layers. Additional tools have appeared thanks to a large audience of users of industrial and construction spheres, which need such capabilities. In designing Gstar CAD has many unique features that allow to realize the most daring ideas. First of all, this solution is designed for constructors and engineers.
GstarCADTo be able to create custom applications, in Gstar CAD there is the possibility to work with different types of software interfaces. The new release of the product has a complete development environment that supports the LISP language. Also in this decision appeared several functions for the VBA language.
I must say, that the beta release of a professional product Gstar CADPro can be downloaded for free. Usage period is 30 days. More information about such CAD system, as Gstar CAD you can find on the official website.

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