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social anxiety - sociophobia

social anxiety - sociophobia Disease state of social anxiety and fear of failure has its own name - socio phobia. A person who suffers socio phobia, is unable to function normally in society, as a person.
This disease mostly begins to develop in adolescence and occurs equally among men and women. The person suffering from socio phobia, most of all afraid of criticism, judgments and evaluation from others. This is particularly seen in such social situations, as when you applying for a job, in the conduct of business negotiations, dating etc. The person suffering socio phobia is very afraid of being embarrassed and humiliated before people, and so he avoids the situations that inspire fear to him. Unconditioned disruption of normal flow of life necessarily accompanies socio phobia, for example, it may be a restriction in the search for good job with decent wages, social isolation, etc. And also such consequences, as: depression, alcoholism, addiction to drugs and psychotropic substances, which coming from this disease are forming. Anxiety is accompanied by many psychosomatic symptoms such as redness of the face, excessive sweating, upset of digestive system, etc.


social anxiety - sociophobiaIt is necessary to begin treatment of socio phobia, when symptoms or deviating behavior of the person can cause psychosocial disorders of his life. The person suffering from socio phobia can't create social connections, he gradually worsens his professional and family relationships, then he more and more enters into the state, which is called moral and psychological stupor. Many people with socio phobia have not heard about this disease, so there is a problem of the conviction in necessary treatment. Despite the fact that the treatment is long-term, socio phobia can be treated. This disease is treated not just with drugs or methods of psychotherapy. Therapy should be complex with a personal touch. Exactly these principles must be followed in the treatment of this disease. Among the medications, which are applied, drugs of monoamine oxidase inhibitors group are widely used. Psychological correction is carried out with psychoanalytically oriented psychotherapy, which helps to find the origins of disease onset, which are mainly extend from the childhood. Analysis of psychotherapy helps to reveal the problem of early separation of the child from the mother. As a result of of this isolation occurs an unconscious fear in childhood, which is transformed into adulthood. social anxiety - sociophobiaPsychotherapy sessions help the person suffering from socio phobia to feel egocentric nature of his fears, for example, desire to avoid the attention, which is actually everybody wants to attract.
In the end, I want to emphasize that people should be informed about the disease and how to treat it. Absence of interest to the problem of the person suffering from socio phobia can lead to consequences that will be difficult to correct later. The persons suffering from socio phobia prone to depression, they are five times more likely to commit suicide, and their social problems grow like a snowball, and they can not solve these problems alone.

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