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Man is by nature being very curious, inquisitive. We are always atattracting the various secret, hidden, unidentified, scary events and phenomena, which are often difficult to find a reasonable (in terms of rational science) explanation. Always, at all times, one of the most tantalizing mysteries to man was the future. Therefore, at the dawn of its existence, people have tried every possible way to look into the future of theoretical andnteresa, curiosity or pragmatic desire to evaluate everything in advance. And in ancient times, and today there were people - predictors - that because of the nature of the organism and the presence of "supernatural" capabilities could reveal the curtain anyone. One of the most ancient arts, knowledge and skills is a prediction, or the art of gAlania hand. As the object of study chiromantists use hand man,   namely, to examine the situation, the number and shape of the flexor lines (so-called lines of fate), topography and condition of the tissues palm. It is believed that each person has only individual structural features of the palm (including the location of the linesfate), on which you can draw conclusions about the nature and other individual characteristics of the human psyche, have already taken place and had the effect of events as well as events that could or should happen in the future. Despite the criticism from the real science the lack of scientific validity, palmistry, as well as other esoteric andoccult teachings continues to exist (including at the legislative level) and to influence human.

There are the following main points, which draws attention to the practice palmist:

  • Main Line . They are five, the number ofFingers (life line, heart, fortune, happiness, Mercury);
  • Additional and secondary line (mind, Mars, intuition, the effect of marriage and other);
  • Bulge palm (hobbies, talents, character, and so on).

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