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Wheel - this is one of the most important and oldest inventions helovechestva that almost its entire length of its history accompanies his work. First wheel was used in a variety of inventions, which help a person in his work, but with time and the development of science and technology steel wheels serve man, as an element of the vehicle. In today's world, the wheel - it is one of the most importantx mechanisms car. And one of the most important elements of car wheel, as the assembly of a tire. This elastic toroidal design, mounted on the wheel rim - disk. In its structure, consists of a combination tire rubber, metal bars and a tissue substrate. The tire is designed to provide a firm grip automabundance with the road. By the way, you can buy tires online store « Shin online & raquo ;:. Structurally, any tire consists of several basic elements - balls:

  • frame or cord (in cargo models - steel cord), consisting of a combination of rubber and metal threadshowl foundations;
  • breaker - a thick layer of rubber or cord, which is located between the frame and the outer shell and is used to protect against bumps and extra rigidity;
  • Protector - outer rubber shell with deep grooves of different profiles(Depending on operating conditions);
  • board - element of the tire bead comprising a metal ring and covered with a rubber sealing layer;
  • side of the wing or - the rubber side walls designed to prevent lateral damage.

Any tire has its markings,   including landing size (width, height profile, wheel diameter in inches) and permissible use of the vehicle (speed, load, vehicle type).

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