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Playground intended to promote health and physical qualities of children, to attract attention, be bezopmeat and interesting. In order playground was the center of games and fun planning it is necessary to consider a number of factors, of which we speak Yudin IV - Deputy Director « Rostmetall & raquo ;, which makes for 8 years. And so, furnished playground should take into account such things:

  • safe play space . Playground absolutely must meet all modern safety standards;
  • age categories . For toddlers (children under 7 years) need to install playground equipment that is directed at the development of cognitiveactivity and coordination of movement.   Children in this age group are suitable: swings, slides, sandboxes, designed based on the fairy stories, fairy tales. In general - the site should be interesting and attract attention. But for children older than seven years will approach sports equipment, which aimed at strengthening the muscles, the development of endurance,growth orientation in space, movement coordination. On-site set: equipment for team sports, playing sports facilities, sports facilities;
  • Location and design of play equipment . The platform should please the eye of both adults and children. Therefore, when it isthe design must take into account the views of children and adults. To make an unusual site, you can use different hardscape: bridges, sculptures, vases, urns, garden furniture and others;
  • COVERAGE playgrounds . The coating should be: shock absorbing, bright, beautiful,attractive. And as a playground should use for a year, then there would be the best coverage of the crumb rubber as it is able to protect the child from injury in the event of a fall, and thanks to its elasticity, it reduces the load on the joints;
  • Location . Site better organize in places with shadow to protect the child from sunstroke on hot days. Playground should be in full view of adults and should not be placed in a draft;
  • The function of the playground . You need to decide what you need: sports or playing PLOelementary area or as a combination thereof.

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