Advantages of private kindergarten


Everyone - this is purely an individual person,which has its pronounced traits and skills. This refers to an adult who has a certain freedom of action by obtaining knowledge over time. During all this time, a person must go through several levels of perfection, the most important of which in many countries are kindergarten and school.

Kindergartens, indespective of their specialization, perform two main functions:

  • early development of pre-school children (at the level of skills in reading, writing, numeracy and others), psychological preparation for the specifics of stay in the team and the learning process;
  • solution to the problem of employment of parents whoexempt, thus the need to look after the child throughout the day (usually - for the period work schedule).

Classification kindergartens

On the classification of kindergartens tell us Nesterov AN - employee web portal for parents Detinform, on whichth you can find your child a good or the Moscow region. Kindergartens can classify the direction of development (common, combined, specialized) and ownership (public and private). Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, in public gardens of any specialization and teachers, and deti limited to approved methods of education and a fixed schedule, while, as a private kindergarten is more flexible in this regard. It can vary the schedule visits, depending on the wishes of the parents, as well as to choose their method of education, including methods of early development. Private kindergarten differs from the stategovernmental analogue by the fact that he is not officially free, that is, those so-called "voluntary contributions", which in a state institution are not registered anywhere (because it priori free), and therefore the answer is no one to take, in legalized private garden and every penny parents have the right to request a report and the corresponding relativesolution. Almost any private kindergarten has a more in-depth training and includes (in most cases), the following program elements:

  • exclusive techniques of early development (Montessori, home, Zaitsev and others);
  • in-depth pre-school education;
  • foreign language learning;
  • rich educational program;
  • permanent cultural program;
  • quality regular meals;
  • medical support and psychological nupport;
  • the safety of your children.

In a similar institution your children will receive the best training and the ability to adapt to the long school world.

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