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Orthodox wedding in the church abroad

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Let's start with a definition of what is a sacrament of marriage and why it is sofor real? During the ceremony, the wedding couple receives a blessing from the church for a happy life together. That is, the church blesses Christian marriage and reinforces their chosen solution. It is important to realize that such a move is not a nice supplement to the official wedding. In spite of all the moving ceremony, this is definitely a very loously and responsible step because the oath of love and loyalty, given to God, can not be broken.

In recent years, there is a growing popularity of the sacrament of marriage abroad. Wedding wedding abroad in so solemn and magical atmosphere not only helps to strengthen the spiritual unityof the spouses, but also gives them an opportunity to feel yourself in the place of the romantic fairy tale characters, buy a lot of new bright emotions and experiences that they will remember for a lifetime. Most often couples choose to hold the ceremony the Czech Republic, Italy, Greece, Montenegro and Cyprus. Many go to the Holy Land – Israel, the cradle of Christianity. Selop these countries due not only to a large number of existing Orthodox churches, but also an excellent opportunity to spend a fun and memorable honeymoon, because in these countries as well as many attractions and resorts.

Wedding in the Czech Republic

Wedding crowneds in the Czech Republic will be an excellent option for those who appreciate the magic of the Middle Ages and the dreamers of the times of noble knights. There is still no power zeitgeist: majestic castles that still remember the feasts and jousting tournaments; Narrow cobbled streets in the old town, the incomparable nature and scenic views. &Nbsp; The main Orthodox church in the Czech Republic schimelts Cathedral of Saints Cyril and Methodius in Prague. Here the state officially recognizes church marriage, that is, after the ceremony, the couple will receive a certificate, a legally recognized in Russia. For couples already officially married, have a huge selection of other beautiful churches, such as the incomparable Cathedral of Saints Peterand Paul in Karlovy Vary.

Wedding in Cyprus

Wedding in Cyprus – now a paradise for honeymooners. Most of the population are Orthodox Christians, so to hold the wedding ceremony can be not only in any of the temples, but even on the beach. I would like to especially note TSerkov Panagia Angeloktisti XI century, located in the vicinity of Larnaca. This is truly an ancient place with a special enchanting atmosphere. The interior of the church is still preserved a unique mosaic VI century depicting the Virgin Mary, and next to the church grows one of the oldest trees on the island – under the shadow of his tradition novobrachnye make wishes, which are then necessarily come true!

Wedding in Greece

Wedding ceremony in Greece also attracts many Russian couples. As in Cyprus, where mainly Orthodox Christians, and numerous Christian shrines, temples and monasteries attractivehere are a lot of pilgrims. In Greece, the possible combination of wedding ceremony in the church with the official registration of marriage.

Wedding in Italy

Wedding in Italy undoubtedly be remembered for the beauty and sunshine ceremony. The choice of a suitable venue for the ceremony is quite large,but romantic Venice has always been in the first place. You can not get married only in Russian churches, but even in the Greek Cathedral of St. George of the XVI century.

Wedding in Montenegro

Montenegro – sacrament of marriage in this small and charming, picturesque country can provesti any of the many ancient chapels, churches and monasteries of the mountain. The advantage would be, and the lack of a visa regime with Russia. Gained fame Ostrog monastery of the XVII century, carved into the rock - he was not the oldest in Montenegro, but heard a lot about him as a unique place that can heal the body and soul. &Nbsp;


Orthodox churches are not only in Europe but also in Mexico, Australia, USA ,, Uganda, Costa Rica, Haiti and Cuba. One has only to look for it! But the process of organizing a wedding abroad is quite a hassle and takes a lot of time and effort, so it's best to first find, which can be chargedits execution. As a rule, for the convenience of the newlyweds, many travel companies have a choice of ready-made wedding packages: collection and legalization of documents, travel arrangements, wedding services, and much more.

The Sacrament of wedding – it is a miracle, the real magic and unforgettable tale that changes the relationship married pasture to the next level!

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