Treatment of prostatitis in Israel

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Prostatitis is one of the most common urologicaldiseases. Typically it is only for men because of their physiological presence of prostate cancer that is prone to such inflammatory processes. According to statistics, the spread of prostatitis in men is comparable to the spread of cystitis in women. The causes of these diseases are similar about: hypothermia, the effects of TPAVM, decreased immunity, disorders of the circulatory system of the pelvic area, hormonal imbalance, venereal infection, and so on. What invariably accompanies for prostatitis is: violation of potency, pain when urinating, in the lumbar region. One of the most powerful diagnostic and therapeutic bases in urology (in hourtnosti, prostatitis) has Israel. It is promoted as the overall high level professionals and the industry in general, and favorable natural conditions, such as the Dead Sea. (As well as other ailments) different sequence, individual approach to the patient (to pay for it a lot of money, because the medicine was not "freeI "). As a rule the entire treatment process consists of two main phases: diagnostic and therapeutic. Diagnosis - is the initial stage, without which it is impossible to make an accurate diagnosis and proper treatment plan. It begins with a personal examination (pelvis, stomach, prostate) and if necessary, continued clinical analyzes (enAleesa blood and urine, gland secretions, the analysis of the sensitivity to antibiotics) and research (transrectal ultrasound, cystoscopy, microbiology, swabs). The diagnostics is offered an individual treatment plan, which may consist of a course of antibiotics, physiotherapy, massage, microwave thermotherapy.

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