How to obtain EU citizenship for investments

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Many of our fellow citizens, including even a very compoyatelnyh, attracted by the idea to take up permanent residence in one of the countries of the European Union, or at least be able to move freely and conduct business activities. The reasons for this are not sovse6m patriotic attitude is quite understandable: it is transparent, and most importantly - vypolnyaemost, legislation, high standard of living, culture, etc.ivlekatelny investment climate and more. All of these benefits are available in the full EU citizens, therefore, the main purpose of wanting to stay there permanently, should be the citizenship of one of the countries. But here, as they say, is easier said than done. I'm sure many of our compatriots know how difficult it is to get yessame temporary Schengen visa, which guarantees the right to stay in the EU, and only to citizenship with a pace and in general, how to walk the moon. In some countries of the Union, nevertheless, at the legislative level, there is the possibility to count on citizenship in return for significant service to the state in terms of investment (eg,in the industry, the economy culture, science). In each of the EU countries (in fact, not every, but somewhere in the order of ten), this right is exercised in different ways. The following conditions shall try to summarize how to get:

  • Austria . Investments in economy, science, culture of 10 million. euros and above are the reason for granting citizenship of the country;
  • Bulgaria . Foreigners granted temporary residence or permanent residence for an investment of $ 300-500 million euros;
  • UK . An investment of $ 10 million. Pounds and above entitles the investorexpect to accelerate the procedure for obtaining permanent residence;
  • Spain . Acquisition of real estate for 500 thousand euros or an investment of $ 2.1 million. Guaranteed for 5 years for citizenship;
  • Cyprus . Citizenship can be acquired for investment in sizee 5 million. euro;
  • Latvia . The residence permit may be granted for investments in the amount of 100-200 thousand dollars;
  • Macedonia . Investment of 400 million euros and employment more than 10 people guarantee a Macedonian passport;
  • Malta . In 3-5 months you can get citizenship for attachment to the State Fund for at least 650 thousand euros;
  • Portugal . Condition for granting a residence permit are investments in 1 million. Euro, employment of 10 or more people, buying a property at 500 thousandeuro.

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