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The fact that the quality of education in our time visibly limping, and on both legs, no one callede doubt. Find a specific culprit in this difficult, because the process is mutual and contains part of the blame, both pupils and their teachers. With the advent of personal computers and other mobile gadgets, schoolchildren and students appear far more interesting to do than shtudirovanie textbooks. Unfortunately, teachingLevel, and methodological support to the work on the part of teachers and poor. But as a result to be achieved anyway, primarily for yourself, you should pay attention to service teacher who has the appropriate level of interest and as a result, that is the real knowledge of the ward. ProfAvatele a popularly referred to, and it is like no other in such conditions can raise the level of knowledge. Naturally, the Tutors discord, because of his personal qualities (knowledge, skills, including as a psychologist), so the choice of learning - it is responsible. And here can be very useful internet - the tool that so otvlekaet from training, but can play the opposite role. This is the so-called remote tutoring when between teacher and student is no direct contact, and the whole process of communication takes place via a web interface (eg, Skype or other similar service). Usually professional tutors have their own websites, gde you can find all the detailed information about the work of, or place their profiles on relevant information and educational resources, making it easier to search and compare various experts. This technique of employment has both positive (lessons at home, the choice of prime time, duration of employment, an individual approach, bezopclarity) and negative (absence of a stable connection, low cost, low willingness to such forms of employment) side. Comparing the pros and cons, choosing a tutor for your request, you will be able to qualitatively improve their knowledge or skills of their children.

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