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Poland has been a dozen years as a member of the European Union. Our inEastern neighbor with all reaping the fruits of such cooperation, first of all, of course - a high standard of living and high (compared, for example to Ukraine or Russia) wages. Naturally, the EU is not some unitary Union, where everything is the same: each country has its own level of development, which is clearly higher in the western Right turnphenomenon. Due to the fact that the borders within the EU are open, many Poles are seeking higher wages in Germany, Italy, England, Denmark, freeing up the internal market for labor immigrants from neighboring countries first of all - for the Ukrainians. Salaries for these range from 700 to 1500 dollars per month, that in the context of Ukraine maytake up to six months of work. It is natural that a large number of our fellow citizens on a permanent or temporary basis, looking for the opportunity to work in a neighboring country, especially in the western regions (Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Zakarpattia, Ternopil), in which there are no powerful industrial assets, and significantly lame employment. VaryAnts employment in Poland at our compatriots in fact only two: legal (requires registration of all necessary documents for the right to stay and work in the country) and illegal (in practice, this happens like this: you go to Poland on a visa, and when it ends, stay and work at your own risk). From this, by the way, depends on the guarantors wages, accommodation and security. All can be divided into three groups, according to qualifications and remuneration, respectively:

Unskilled work

This is usually the work of harvesting on the local plantations and farmland. The heaviest work, providing irregular RAbochy day, rare weekend, relatively low pay (by Polish standards). This work is also characterized by seasonality, so issuing a holiday at home, earn some money from a neighbor can each;

Skilled labor

This is usually vacancies for welders, drivers, plasterers, plumbers and aboutsneeze specialists with training. Payment can be 2 times higher than in the previous version, and maybe higher, depending on qualifications and quality of work;

skilled labor

This is usually the representatives of the IT market (programmers), which offer highwages, housing and social conditions.
job search in Poland and two: either alone (at your own risk, as they say), or through an agency (cooperate, as a rule, only with qualified workers).

In any case, going to work in another country, it should be understood that ms are other laws, mutual understanding between people, therefore, to avoid trouble, their employment and stay in Poland should draw correctly in terms of the law.

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