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The world of ancient civilizations to the present day, is tomostly of military conflicts and local and global scale. From the perspective of the twenty-first century, the war - is extremely disadvantageous financially event, so any modern strategy tries to reduce the duration of hostilities to a minimum, so as not to destroy its economy. Of course, in the Middle Ages, when the feudal lords and kings constantly upvisited superiority, wealth, territory by force of arms, had no tanks and other modern technology but even then the maintenance of the army in the long campaign or war - it is not cheap. Therefore, the "controversial issues" to solve local conflicts, for the most part. However, in the history of medieval Europe struggles listed military confrontationie Britain and France, which lasted nearly 116 years (1337 to 1453) - the so-called Hundred Years' War. Like most of the then smaller conflicts cause the outbreak of hostilities became dynastic disputes between the kings of England and France - Edward III Plantagenet and Philip VI of Valois - about the heritage of the French kingdom. Shapeflax, the reasons for raising this question were significant, based on the real relationship of the two royal dynasties that lasted since 1066 and the French conquest led by William the Conqueror in England. In fact, the term "Hundred Years War" does not mean such a long continuous conflict - it was a series of protracted military conconflicts lasting from 10 to 30 years, with the same intervals. The generic term "war", these conflicts are united by a common end result - the liberation of French territories by the British authorities. Such a long standoff played extremely interesting and important role in the history not only of these two states (in fact, as allieseach of the parties in the opposition were involved about 15 allied countries):

  • First, the demographic. During the military actions on the throne of France changed only 6 generations of kings, and its population has shrunk by two-thirds;
  • Second, the national. Conflict durationsyu a century led to the formation of real nations (English and French);
  • Third, the war gave birth to a new national heroes (Jeanne D ’ Arc);
  • Fourth, from the point of view of military affairs, the conflict had even more important consequences, such as the formation of the first regulars armies, development of new strategic and tactical schemes, new weapons (including firearms).

From the point of view of military craft, this war is essential (despite the obvious territorial achievements of the French) to world history.

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