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More from school physics course we remember a few basic Zackones of nature upon which all human existence, and indeed all living and non-living on the planet. One of these is the claim that the execution of any work requires energy. Many do not attach any importance to this, meanwhile, even a very common phenomenon for the present, as browsing the Internet (for example) is alsorequires costs. What is meant is not the time or money, and the very real costs of electricity to maintain turned on your PC (or other devaysa), as well as the entire set of server devices. Electricity generation, in turn, requires the release of power plants with internal thermal energy of the fuel (coal, gas and othere). And so, in this world there is no absolute processes, that is all there is loss of performance (COP), the combustion of fuel and fails completely, and the residual gas mixture emitted into the atmosphere and scattered. Naturally, this has a negative impact on the environment, so strictly regulated and limited to the relevant regulations - the so-called, The maximum permissible emissions (MPE). This is a package of standards being developed for each industrial enterprise which has permanent sources of emissions, in order to limit them and bring them to the mainstream environmental and health standards. This is critical not only for the ecology of the region as a whole, but also for normal Her conditionI'm very close to the production, which often is adjacent to residential areas, and directly affects the health of residents. Any developed taking into account existing national regulations and includes the following steps:

  • Advice . At this stage, the collection of all neois evenly technical information, coordination of pricing and timing issues for the development;
  • development . Involves calculating the level of MPE (separately by source and total for the enterprise);
  • Taking Action . Developing the concept of reducing emissions, fashionrnizatsii production and other.

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