What is the rope


Rope - is one form of cable, twisted cordage . Feature has its material is madeeniya - components of fiber rope are organic (coconut, hemp, jute) or synthetic (nylon, Kevlar). A special place among these materials takes jute. This raw material is one of the most common in the production of ropes. Source of jute fibers is an annual tropical plant related linden. Its habitat, etc.oizrastaniya is India and Bangladesh. The process of preparation of raw materials takes a long time and includes the following steps: collection of stems of mature plants, soaking ligament stem in water, separation and drying of the fibers. The finished raw materials sent to the factory where it is woven from ropes desired circumference and cross section. haswidely used in various industries and interior design. He performs as a direct function of their lifting or securing cargo, and in the manufacture of decorative furniture, coatings and other things. Another fairly common through the use of jute ropes, is the construction of houses made of wooden decks(So-called log-house). In this case, the rope is used as a sealing material for finishing joints (seams). Vegetable origin of raw materials for jute ropes, determines its properties: tensile strength, excellent friction resistance, antistatic properties, resistance to thermal influence. Furthermore, jute - an ecologicallyfriendly material that does not emit any harmful substances. The range of ropes on the market, includes wickerwork diameter of 5 to 80 mm.

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