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Moscow - the capital of a multinational, multimillion dollar and the largest in the world territRF theory. It is the largest in area and population city in the country. In addition, it is the most rapidly developing region most attractive economically, financially, politically. According to the latest data resides in Moscow for more than twelve million people, and taking into account the suburbs forming agglomeration, the DigDr. altogether reaches fifteen and a half million. But the demand for housing is not limited to Moscow. Now it is very popular among zhitiley cities - buying a home in the village or in the town, where there are no traffic jams and the daily hustle and bustle that is inherent in the big city. Among these places is very popular suburb of Moscow - namely stranglessearch for. The city is now actively developing this     in the region, the demand for housing remains high. Employment of construction companies offering apartments in new Mytishchi permanently secured. This is explained by the fact that in most cases, new buildings are erected for prepayments of future tenants, which literallyystraivayutsya in line for a high-quality new housing. In addition, there are other ways to become the owner of the coveted property in a new high-rise building or not: buying a ready housing for cash (or non-cash) money or by using a mortgage. Whichever option you choose, you will always have an offer for every taste, POSCOlku in this market, many companies are working with different specializations. If you are interested in new developments in Mytishchi from the builder, then you here:.

The whole housing buildings can be divided into three categories:

  • budget accommodation (apartments a standard layout, far from the city center,in the state "after construction");
  • Business class (housing with improved design in developing new neighborhoods with suitable infrastructure);
  • luxury housing (in all senses of the prestigious housing - price, layout, placement).

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