Aluminum oxychloride


In spite of all the innovative component and technical development, fast-growing population in the number of modern planety has a lot of problems. One of the most acute problems directly affecting human health water quality is a problem, both drinking and bathing. Water intake and its delivery to the end user takes place in different conditions (location and quality of the source water intake, construction and condition of water supply systems), which oftenadversely affect its quality. Accordingly, the water contains a large number (again, it all depends on the balance of these factors) molecular and fine impurities concentrations exceed permissible standards. Therefore, any water supply system must have a water purification system from unwanted impurities. Such a mechanismWater purification is called coagulation. During coagulation in water is added at the desired concentration, reagent (coagulant), which creates the necessary conditions (at the molecular level) to combine fine particles in the larger (floccules), followed by precipitation. On today's time, the most promising reagent yavlis Busy chloride salt of aluminum - oxychloride (hydroxochloride, polyoxychloride) aluminum. It is equally effective as the treatment of drinking water and water for industrial use (technical), and wastewater. By the way you can in the company « Metakhim & raquo ;. Compared with other reagents for the coagulation has several aluminum oxychloride neosporimyh benefits.


  • a lower dose of the reagents necessary to achieve an equal level of treatment;
  • a higher reaction rate and the formation of flocculate;
  • almost no effectyanie on the pH of water;
  • more stable coagulation process in a different temperature range;
  • low concentration of residual aluminum;
  • excellent bactericidal properties.

Using oxychloridealuminum and does not require reconstruction of the existing system and thus stores funds.

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