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There is a category of religious games, which for years « killed » the entire planet. tournaments, which flock to thousands of gamers, sold an insane amount of paraphernalia, created formal and informal clubs, in general, life boils! And, if you think that the world around too boring, not large enough entertainment, ZahwahTuva and interesting, if you do not know what, other than those of a contact or schoolmates,   then try to join one of the world's online gaming communities, maybe you will find your happiness in gaming!

Counter-Strike (CS)

Counter-Strike officially considered the racesdiffusion and the cult of the computer game of the century. It happened on almost become as famous game Half-Life, which is a little bit not enough to the top of the level. To date, Counter-Strike takes undisputed leadership position among all online games, and more, are cut into it, not only young people but also grannies-penthe pensioner! Pictures, which can be seen on the network, it's not fake, it's actually playing grandmother!

The information that the retirement age geymershi win tournaments and lead the young battalions, and appeared a few years ago magazine Cosmopolitan, and in a couple of gaming publications, where journalists interviewed surprise cheerfulold women, destroying frags. But, of course, the bulk of gamers are people aged 12 to 30 years. The gameplay is just Freaky!

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft, also known as WoW, aka warcraft, he's Varick –   role-playing game in the style of fantasy, which successfully weaved allgenerally creates a game and Insanely interesting users reality. Has it all: the economy the war, relationships, Madrid court intrigues, plots and unpredictable developments in the world. The number of players in the world tens of millions, and the game takes pride of place in the Guinness Book of Records as the most popular and demanded RoleI game on the planet.


Lineage   &Mdash; She college ruled, a game that barely falls short of Warcraft on the number of users. But, in principle, is almost the same in terms of gameplay and the degree of interestingness. The biggest advantage of this game is its teamwork. If est a group of like-minded (and it can be easily assembled, skillfully, at a forum on lineechnym cases), you can literally turn the whole world!

Online Poker

Poker – game, which in Russia is gaining momentum, but the West has long mastered it and did practice! Daily Sobirquire millions of players every second at the tables is nearly two hundred thousand people, and the game does not stop for a moment. The most famous in the world of online poker places – it PokerStars, FullTilt, 888poker, Titanpoker.

What good poker – in that, unlike traditional casino card game is unrelated to allRequests luck or good luck. The game involves the existence of mathematical and analytical talents, personal skills that can be practiced and improve, as well as a clear understanding of its own strategy, which can and should develop. In the room of practice as those who are simply having fun, and those who are professionally to earn the game.


Minecraft – a game that can develop even in it, in general, harmless. It is often also called a sandbox. The player's task is simple – build, buy, sell, think and develop your character. Of course, the individual players reach that sell their accounts for the somewhatto thousands of dollars, so prokachannom are their creations. But for the most part maynkraft played by those who love the quiet and leisurely economic policies.

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