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Everyone in this world, attending school, studying the or Johnsecond foreign language. In the countries of the former Soviet Union (especially in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Georgia, and others), the most popular and widespread in the study of English. Its usually start to learn at school, then continue to study in universities, in special courses: and others. Someone looking at it with pleasure and dreams hundredbe a translator, someone barely pulls, hoping to forget about it after school. But it was during the post-secondary related to higher education and further employment begin to understand the importance of his knowledge. There are at least a few real and substantiated reasons for which a person is obliged, at least, are orientedtsya in English:


If you go abroad, in the English language (optional) country, you will need knowledge of the language to communicate with people and understand what is happening around;


English - is the international language of science, business politics andother areas, it is a priority factor (and sometimes necessary) to increase the salary;


Most of the software and hardware comes from abroad with English instructions that must somehow understand. Learning English for beginners (as, indeed, and toI'm all), consists of the study and overcome some mandatory steps:

  • study of letters of the alphabet and build vocabulary. Process can go through either an associative learning method;
  • mastering grammar rules for constructing sentences;
  • development of standard phrases and forms, according to the thematic sense;
  • binding and practical application of the knowledge gained.

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