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Reading in a foreign language as a learning objective in not language high school

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Study of the professional needs showed that the majority of experts nefilologs (over 90%) must be able to read about 70% of the use of a foreign language in their professional activity and it is limited, therefore, reading can be considered one of the most important objectives of the course of a foreign language in high school.

The study of the actual use of foreign language showed Thumost of the literature on the use of a foreign language has the following objectives (listed according to the degree of frequency):

  1. Introduction to publications concerning a particular issue;
  2. Identify the main areas / trends investigationments in any field;
  3. Preparation of material for scientific research;
  4. Patent search;
  5. Introduction to the design of new systems, devices, etc.;
  6. The study of bibliographies on any issue;
  7. Introduction to the literature accompanying the appliance manufactured abroad.

The following list shows that in professional activities must meet the reading is not so much communication as educational needs of professionals.

learn reading

The result of studying reading must be accurate and complete (100%) understanding of the facts contained in the text.

So read texts or parts thereof, the contents of which are especially professional interestsCHO or important for the reader, it aims not only as closely as possible to understand them, but also to understand critically. As a rule, is expected to further the use of information, so the reader still in the process of reading an installation on its storage for a long time. All these factors contribute to the fact that reading is often quite slow, Need to stop and re-reading some places pronunciation of passages in inner speech, often translated (as a way of understanding and self-control), or written notes.

Speed ??reading for the student is of secondary importance, it depends largely on the complexity of the text, as well as significant informationAI that it contains. The main indicator of ownership in this kind of reading – the nature of understanding. But the pace at which the overall effort paid off getting the results is considered to not very difficult literature speed of at least 50 — 60 words per minute.

Work on the development of student reading Naciferred and running parallel with introductory reading. It is necessary for students to feel the difference between them. At the initial stage of its development for students are offered short texts / passages; then increase the size of text; it is desirable to offer students to choose the passages of special items that they find necessary for accurateOn translation. German texts can be found  .

For studying reading fit almost any text, but should dominate those for which no pity wasted time and effort. In other words, they are required to informative value, cognitive value. Should be selected textsthe most difficult at this stage of training, the difficult and the content, and in terms of language (language difficulty of the text is not necessarily associated with the presence / absence in it of a new language for reading material), since, in addition to teaching the student to read, work on the text has and related learning task – Training of studentsin yourself to overcome the potential problem with the use of supports available in the text. At first, use texts in which no new material for studying the language, so that they really felt the requirements in this case to understand. In the study of language and linguistic material accumulation developmente skills runs parallel. So the only way to create conditions for an inexperienced reader could switch their attention to the substantive component of the text,   - this preliminary work, which is usually « sinks » practice.

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