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Probably the most common disease in orthopedic etc.aktike is flat. Especially prevalent it appears among recruits who want to hang from the military service. Statistically, this type of deformity, occurs most often in the age group of 16 to 25 years and is directly dependent on the weight of the human body (ie, the greater the mass, the greater the likelihood of developing this disease). Alsoe, statistics inexorably suggests that the most likely to develop flat feet women who love high heels and not part with them. Advanced forms of the disease is the cause of complications, including: foot deformity, clubfoot, pain in the legs, joints and back. To avoid complications, the problem is best solved forearly stage, and sometimes even carry out preventive measures to prevent such a scenario. Excellent tool, as in the case of prevention and the treatment of the disease, is the use of special orthopedic insoles in shoes. By the way, you can buy online: medzakaz.com.ua. To date, their choice is very wide, for all tastes, underany shoes size and required function. Orthopedic foot hold (set it) in the correct position, it is discharged and maintained at muscular weakening legs improve circulation. Depreciation inserts allow to soften the shock of the joints and improve comfort when walking. Insoles are made from environmentally friendly materials(Leather or synthetic) with the addition of layers and components that perform individual functions. They are recommended to be worn not only for patients flatfoot and adolescents (during the formation of the body), women (especially after 40 years), it's not a fad, but a real treat for your feet.

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