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Design of commercial premises, especially small in size, is one of the most difficult tasks in the workse designer. Such work always requires a non-standard and innovative approach, because even on small details have to work very carefully.

Interior design boutique: must meet several criteria. Firstly, it should attract the attention of visitors and arouse their desire to go inside for signsmstva with the goods. To do this it is necessary that the interior was brightly lit and different from other premises, especially if boutique is located in a major shopping center. Secondly, the design should be the maximum hide the shortcomings of the room. Today, it is rarely possible to buy or rent a commercial space without defects. Somewhere pipe sticking out somewhere nrohodit ventilation. Accordingly, the task of the designer – mask all the flaws. Third, the interior should contribute to a beautiful product presentation. Many designers overdoing, so the room becomes more beautiful and ultimately more interesting than goods. Use special caution should be treated with the decor, which can negatively skaout to be the perception of the goods in the eyes of customers.

As a rule, the design boutique design, great attention is paid to furniture. If you plan to sell clothes, furniture should be as comfortable as possible for customers to provide them with a comfortable fitting. Shelves should develop not only in terms of hthey should ideally demonstrate the product, but also easy to get out. To keep clean and clear varnished surface – very difficult, especially if a lot of visitors and everyone strives to touch the goods hands. Do not forget about the staff, who are also in need of a comfortable workplace.

More aboutthe bottom of the important property of boutique design – Safety. The environment should allow the control room from different angles. If the furniture has a greater height, even with the help of a large number of surveillance cameras will be difficult to get rid of the « dead zones ».

And, of course, if the design is plannedused for the boutique, which is leased, a considerable influence as possible finishes, furniture, commercial equipment. Quite often in such situations is also the owner puts some demands, for example, do not repaint the walls or do not use anchors. Accordingly, the designer has to get out, inventingbe some options that would suit and the tenant and the owner.

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