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Each of us sooner or later (in most cases just late) is aware of the fact that Mr.Alice quality education and strong knowledge - is an essential key to success in life, excellent career and in general, the ability to count is the best place in the sun. If you decide to get a primary or secondary education in mature age, then here it all depends to a large extent on you, as held by the individual. But if the imagesc gets your child, then the responsibility lies with you. You must trace, push, to interest the child in the learning process, even better on my own experience, support and participation. But even if there is a willingness to learn, there is no guarantee that the child will be able to get a really good education. Much depends on the schoolss, and specifically from a teacher, his knowledge and skills to present information in the right context. If the school does not provide the necessary knowledge or expertise available in insufficient, then have two choices: either to change schools, or try to find an experienced tutor. The first embodiment is highly undesirable, especially in view of the necessary adaptation of the child innew team, which is always stressful. The second option is more preferable as a child does not separate from the community, friends, and allows you to gain additional knowledge. The main thing here is not to make a mistake, because the choice is really good tutor very responsible job: your choice depends on whether it will simply serve the number, or will be developedivat all the makings of a child, or even be able to see the child, the qualities that will bring him success in the future. And about how to choose a tutor that was not sorry for taking the money spent and irreversibly lost time will tell us Petrenko AP - Member of tutors "The Perfect Score":.

Really nice pedagog must meet certain criteria:

  • have an appropriate level of knowledge;
  • have basic training and methodological basis;
  • is available to be able to present educational material;
  • have appropriate rerecommendations.  

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