How to choose a program for pharmacy?

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Many executives hadumyvayutsya of pharmacy automation. In today's market software for pharmacies have many offers. How to choose a functional program to account for the pharmacy and do not overpay? What to look for when buying a pharmacy program?

1. Functional

Main features for pharmacies - the arrival of the overhead in the elementstron format mmo or xls. Consumption goods, sending it to the affiliates or pharmacy items. Data exchange (if you drugstore chain). Inventory. Write-off of goods. Sale (Retail). Checks, work with the fiscal equipment, scanners and printers checks. Reporting (especially for network pharmacy. Order goods from the supplier. The analysis of prices supplier. Vedaof quarantine and rejected lots. It would be nice if the program can run on Linux, but at the moment the market development programs for pharmacies, there are not many, and their functionality is poor.

2. Interface

The interface should be not only beautiful, but also simple. The importance of programs to easetaking into account the pharmacy just rolls over. because the pharmacy work not only young people, but also those who grew up and used to work without a computer. So it will not be easy to learn to work in the program for the pharmacy, whether the first or the place of the head of the table. Need a simple, bright, colorful program with large customizable font. Then the staff will not have nenuzhnyh problems with memory and learning.

3. Price

Just want to say that for the 1s pharmacy you overpay, because it needs work (not cheap) and technical support. Program for the pharmacy with a monthly payment of the rent is not profitable, but have a number of advantages: the payment for those on and support ithigher quality, reference preparations is updated according to the current legislation. To pay for the software for pharmacies 1 time or permanently - you choose. But keep in mind that the vast majority of companies take money for training and support programs for pharmacy automation.

4. Support

All the companies promise QUALITYvennuyu technical support and finalize the program in the event of changes in the laws. But, unfortunately, some companies are so many customers that they do not have time to handle all calls. To check the support, you can contact one or two clients of the company and talk to him. Asked questions about the speed hook specialist as quickly reshayutsya problem, is there any pitfalls in terms of tracking software for pharmacies.

Good programs for pharmacy - pharmacy program Morion, Skarb program, the program ANR pharmacy program for pharmacy Paracelsus. These programs are to account for the pharmacy have proven themselves to be reliable program, and have more than 200 customers. Program PtsYan are similar in functionality, but differ in interface and price. On each of the programs over the years successfully working people, they lack the functional program and they are unlikely to want to switch to another program, as need to be retrained to spend money, time, energy, etc. Therefore, the question of choice and preference is very subjective, everyone decides what he will nrivykat. Expert Company FarmProfi help you choose the right.

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