Marine Literature


Any occupation requires a responsible and professional approach to the success of the whole. Not excludingli ne in this list and profession sailors - captains, mates, navigators, ship technicians, engineers, technician and many others. Water, as we know, does not forgive mistakes, so preparing to sail should be very serious since the theory and ending with practical skills. Indispensable in this respect are variedSingle Theme, which is presented in a huge range. Issues raised and disclosed in publications, broad and cover weight sphere of maritime activities, for example:

  • device ship. This is the foundation that should and must know every member of the crew. In this complex mechanism kazhdy is responsible for his and should know by heart all the wisdom of his case;
  • navigation principles. This fundamental knowledge without which it is impossible to orientation and paving routes in the open sea space, reading maps and details;
  • Structure and working principleprimary and secondary equipment. Ship - this is a very complex mechanism, whose work provides many basic (engines, power plants, boilers, radar installations, etc.) and secondary (winches, cranes, etc.) equipment. On how well each gear (and accordingly, the person responsible for his artabilnost) works depends on the work of the entire ship;
  • knowledge and prevention of emergency situations and emergency conditions. Life depends on not only the ship, but also the whole crew.

These and many other skills you can and should draw from the relevant marine literatury.

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