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The modern world is so open, so and way affiliated exposed to differentth kind of complexes and convention. Fashion is constantly dictating its terms and whoever meets them in a certain understanding of successful and popular. Any deviation from the "standard" or template entail misunderstanding and sometimes disgust. One of these templates is a Hollywood smile. Healthy, white, regular shape teeth now and thenmove the masses on television every day. But no matter how fashion has participated in the formation of your personality, excellent teeth — it is also a guarantee of general health. Create comfort and health of your oral cavity is designed to an army of professionals dentists. Their arsenal is quite a long list of ways and means to solve any problems withteeth. But as it was not a wide range of dental products, the effectiveness of its use depends on the skill of the dentist. Like any other specialist in any other area, the dentist is obliged to constantly improve, improve their knowledge and skills. To do this, you must read the relevant literature study techniques, materialy and equipment (because modern medicine and dentistry in general, in particular developing very rapidly). But the best way to improve their own skills is to share experiences with colleagues, through a variety of case. They will be interesting and useful for different professionals (doctors, assistants, dental tehnikov). Hearings shall be held in specially designated areas with appropriate level of material and technical base. Are invited to deliver lectures as professional lecturers and practitioners, which helps more closely and deeply learn new material and to improve our knowledge.

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