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Anyone in contact with the construction works, nuzhgiven in calculating costs. No matter what the scale of construction works - garage, house, high-rise buildings or neighborhood - everywhere need accurate and precise calculation of cash. A set of documents, which contains the calculation of the necessary financial costs of construction work, the estimate is called. In it, including all itemized costs in- Salary workers with all the tax deductions, hozraskhody price of materials and components, transportation costs   and so on.

Estimate documentation prepared for the following types of construction works:

  • buildings;
  • overhaul or restoration of buildings(Or parts thereof);
  • works on reconstruction or strengthening of buildings.

Since any more or less serious construction required project documentation which is then being approved by the relevant authorities, the estimate is also being developed at each stage of the projectation: for tender, preliminary and working projects.

For budgeting should involve professional experts-estimators, which should perfectly navigate the technology of work performed, the principles of pricing in the market. &Nbsp; You can also zapisatsya on yourself and become an expert in wctavlenii estimates. System of training engineer quantity surveyor, should be constructed in such a way as to result in persistent learning developed knowledge and skills:

1. Theoretical:

  • the principles of pricing and rationing cost of products and services;
  • documentation forms;
  • legal and normative documents regulating smetoproizvodstvo.

2. Practical:

  • the ability to use the estimated base;
  • the ability to navigate in the final construction documents;
  • upestimates and calculations necessary.

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