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Sea diet

Sea diet is ideal for people who love sea food. Fish and sea food are lower in calories than meat. However, they contain many useful substances for the organism. Thanks to these substances a person can lose weight without compromising to their health. The undeniable advantage of the sea diet is a varied delicious menu.

Sea diet is a quick diet. It is intended only for 3 days. For such a short time, you can lose up to 5 kg of weight. Here's a list of products, among which everyone will find the best option.

Breakfast may consist of such products:

- pudding, made from white fish with onions and tomatoes;
- 2 lightly fried toast, a tomato, 50 g of canned tuna, lettuce;
- 25 g of oat flakes, a little toast, half of a ripe banana, a slice of marmalade;
- a toast, boiled egg, 50 g of cooked mushrooms, 100 ml of fresh orange juice;
- 50 g of canned sardines in oil, a small slice of white bread, 1 tomato, 200 ml of fresh apple juice.

For dinner, you can submit the following products:

- a fish stick, grilled slice of bread;
- 50 g of pate with salmon, a slice of bread;
- 150 grams of sea food (shrimp, mussels, squid), a small portion of vegetable salad with oil;
- 50 grams of salmon (canned), a small bun, lettuce leaves with lemon juice;
- a toast, fish cutlet cooked in tomato sauce, lettuce with lemon juice;
- 150 grams of any sea fish with vegetables baked in the oven.

Supper can be no less tasty. You can select the following dishes for supper:

- 100 g of salad made from one tomato, one cucumber, two eggs, apples and laminaria;
- 150 grams of baked fish in foil, vegetable salad;
- toast of bran bread, fishcake;
- 50 g of boiled fish, boiled potatoes, 25 g of peas.

During the sea diet it's recommended to drink unsweetened tea and mineral non-carbonated water. But the salt should be avoided. It is allowed to eat one fruit (any) just before going to bed.
Ration of the sea diet allows to lose weight and not be afraid about harming your organism. Lose weight and be healthy!

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