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Today's wedding turned into an exquisite event, saimstvuyuschie news European event-technology. One such trend is the stylish design of civilized press Walla, prepared specially for your celebration. Photo Wall is successfully used in crowded corporate parties, festivals, presentations, conferences, fashion shows and exhibitions as a backdrop (background) for thematic Provetions photo and video shooting. Therefore, it is also called Brand Wall. At events such level its main task is to promote the brand and attract the target audience.

At weddings press Wall serves as a stylish decoration, against which during the day can take a picture every guest and, of course, themselves Newlywedsare. and photo shoot with it gaining momentum novelty. Spectacular and extremely attractive Photo Wall opened a new direction in the entertainment industry.

Press Wall is a typical chrome design.
However, individual project can be manufactured especially for this day. &Nbsp; It is stretchedstriking a banner fabric, design is carefully thought out. It can be shown family crest or monogram, names of the newlyweds, their image, date of registration, site of collage, greeting inscription and any symbols, which gives it personality.

Print graphic panels produced on the fabric, canvas, mesh, etc.enokartone or plastic, can be double-sided variant of fabrication, which is optionally set in this case to the wall. The final design is lightweight, easy to disassemble and convenient for transportation. The stand can be horizontal or vertical and have a light element that will give extra light shooting.

Optional purchase this collapsible design. Wedding press Wall can be rented in a specialized company. There you can order a banner design, which depends on the subject of wedding and prepared by you. If necessary, discuss this issue with experts who tell us how to properly implementyour ideas and get an unforgettable press Wall.

Stand tall made more human growth. With such a structure at the ceremony, you can turn your celebration into a social event. Personal stand will not go unnoticed at the ceremony and you can see the constant accumulation of guests beside him and holding his backgroundphoto sessions.

Thanks to the wedding press Wall all present guests will enjoy the shooting. Your archive will not be unsuccessful shots at random background. Be sure to include footage videographer shooting near him newlyweds with their parents and guests in the wedding video. This will be his decoration.

Festive press mill Wallovitsya new tradition and is rapidly gaining popularity. In the holiday industry it can be used in the celebration of any subject - wedding anniversary, birthday, anniversary, corporate parties.

Today, banner design is very often used in the foyer at the entrance to the establishment, at the reception. He is an excellent advertising nositelem if it shows the logo or brand name of the company.

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