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Most people faced with street graffiti art form and unlikely to represent him in the home interior. Now this trend decorbecoming more and more popular. Vanguard homeowners walking in step with the times, want to have their homes with unique design, not wanting to see the wallpaper on the walls simple. Custom solutions are always associated with the creative process.

Has striking differences from the street "arts". Modern graffiti design is GSSoh artistic painting all surfaces - ceilings, ceiling, walls, furniture (chairs, cabinets, screens), household appliances and even flooring. Available in this direction styles, techniques and technology allow you to perform multi-dimensional wall paintings.

The practicality, simplicity and brightness of the resulting pattern allows this method in Decemberorirovaniya applied for registration in youth clubs, fitness centers, internet cafes, showrooms, restaurants, offices, shopping centers and halls, cinemas and swimming pools.

This range of applications associated with the presence of a variety of tones and implementation of any plans or ideas. Brightness, the image is able to retain their color etc.time-inflammatory and does not fade from sunlight.

Art paintings chosen in such a way as not to stand out from the general style of the interior space. You can choose the right theme for every room - bathroom, living room, dining room, bedroom, hallway or child.

A wide range of subjects allows to put simple graphicsand the monumental canvases, using smooth transitions to process multiple surfaces. The surface does not require careful pretreatment. The painting can be done on concrete or brick walls, decorative plaster or plastic.

Professional artists do the work quickly and efficiently.Depending on the format of the forthcoming painting compositions prepared plot. If the room has corners mating surfaces and edges, it does not interfere with the work of artists and allow them to hide invisible smooth transition that will lead to an improvement in the visual quality of the interior.

Paint used in cylinders does not emit harmfulsubstances in air and after drying is absolutely clean. If you want to eventually wipe dust coating available, it is possible to perform the usual water-dampened brush or sponge. Drawings are not subject to mechanical stress and have a long life. Thus this method of decoration is not very cost-nym and very effective.

With a country cottage, wall painting may have been exposed surfaces within the interior and exterior (outbuildings, garage doors, basement, fence, playground), etc. The most unusual is the use of graffiti finish falshkaminov. Painted furnace with a burning fire and smoldering wood is excellenta look, if you can not make a real fireplace. Avant-garde style application will create an element of "street" directly home.

In any case, over time you can just paint and make a new image, re-updating the interior of small means.

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