The history of the swimsuit


XIX century was the century that is not allowed to swim in the waters, and those who CoopI just felt a commoner and otherwise hampered. After initially just rich people bathed in special bathrobes and in addition also on special machines, they were called bathing, they were similar to the houses that were on wheels. &Nbsp; All the same story swimwear is quite interesting, because how tights could become a commone bikini.

When there was swimming in the Olympics women could already expose not only the face, but also my hands with his feet. Futbolki- shorts and swimsuit looked exactly the time. Australian swimmer Annette Kellerman in competitions in the United States, was arrested on the grounds that the swimsuit was often with bare hands and feet.Continue the fight she was allowed only after she changed her bathing kostyum.Ved by the rules of morality has been banned naked.

Revolutionary swimsuits became Coco Chanel was in the 1920s. French resort of Deauville was the first place of exposure and demonstration of the revolutionary swimsuit on human judgment (see). DemandNotices swimwear increased after the Chanel fashion made even a nice tan. Knitwear and jersey steel materials for the manufacture of swimwear, movements were not constrained due to the usual cut. Has held such a swimsuit model in fashion for a long time, he was done with shorts that tight fitting straps until the middle of the thigh, but the BGCAlnico was entire, as an addition could be a bathrobe and bathing cap.

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