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Each type of floor has its own charms and features. ToGDS we decide to buy a floor covering, then guided by certain personal requirements to them. The first place, of course, takes sustainability and resilience to external factors. For example, PVC linoleum many scares its chemical composition. In contrast, parquet may raise doubts concerning his possible damage from alag and temperature extremes. All these nuances can dispel or confirm the object. If you still want an alternative solution and the golden mean, the time to pay attention to a new product - the floorboard.

Flooring, as well as flooring is a natural material. It consists of 3 - layers of wood glued together straightm and the transverse processes. Due to this bonding method, on the floor do not affect the moisture and temperature. Flooring is more resistant to damage and destruction. And in case of damage it can ottsiklevat.

By the way, you can order the company Holl - Parket.

Manufacturers PArketnoy board

Of course, all of the above concerns floorboard reliable manufacturers. Salon-shop "Country dance floor," advises his client tested by time and experience of the manufacturer. These include the German firm TARKETT and HARO, Czech MAGNUM, Hungarian and Polish BEFAG BARLINEK.

These firms offer to buy floorboard in Lviv at an affordable price. It is important that all the presented products are certified and tested in the laboratory. In special areas spend over floorboard made various experiments. Checks carried out by cold, heat, snow and rain. Adhesives and varnishes to Usecular in the manufacture of floor sustainable and environmentally.

The paint wood flooring

The top layer of valuable species protected by lacquer (5 to 7 layers). Each of these layers is fixed by ultraviolet rays, protect from sunlight and burnout. Furthermore, it should be noted that suchsurface can support without grinding up to 15 years, after which it can be safely covered with new layers of varnish.

Protection against moisture

With regard to protection against moisture, then each firm has its own secrets, which opens for its customers. Polish BARLINEK developed locking systems ZEGER, which facilitates installationfloorboard and protects end lock from water.

German TARKETT has developed a unique technology Tech3S - protection against moisture.

BEFAG Hungarian and Czech MAGNUM offers floorboard, which locks trimmed oil - wax. This approach makes it difficult to moisture and allows you to easily mount the parquet dosKy.


Returning to the benefits of wood flooring over other types of flooring, you must specify the ease of its installation. Laying wood flooring can be done in 2 ways: on the glue and the floating method. The first option eliminates the possibility of scratches and lets you easily thin sectionsamb surface. The second option saves money and allows you to easily disassemble the floor.

Parquet boards can be laid on the old floor. The main requirements are based on the absence of differences and squeaks.

It should be noted that these producers floorboard advise their products for laying on aogrev. Each of the manufacturers with the correct installation and exploitation, gives a guarantee on its floorboard.

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