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If any prolonged visit to Stockholm traveler, of course, need a hotel, or a hotel well - who he loves to call. Actually problems with accommodation in this city no. Hotels in Stockholm tens, if not hundreds, at least until now they have enough to accommodate the very small number of tourists who stayed in the town for a period greater than the cost of the ferry at the port.

At the same time they are divided not expensive and cheap, but rather this: not cheap and simple way. Not cheap - those that are almost at the airport, that is frankly far from the center, and expensive, respectively, in urban areas.

However, to blame - (inexpensive in the context of Scandinavian prices- And they are a match for the high salaries of local residents) are also present in the range, just to get them to the city will have a reindeer ... So choose everyone should own, focusing on the needs and needs, and is there a sum of money.

Hotel Scandic Sergel Plaza

So where's all the same to stay in Stockholm ? (Subjective!) It is not necessary to save on the hotel, choosing the supposedly budget options on the outskirts, in any Stockholm Bromma (near the eponymous airport) or in the "center", whom some travel companies are accustomed to call the ferry terminal in the port (there is absolutely not cheap 4-star hotel Scandic).

There and there are very gullible tourists like to settle, but both are far enough from the old town and have to reach at least the underground (and in fact still have to get to the subway). At Scandic Ariadna, next to the ferry terminal Sili online, there is one distinct advantage - the island of Djurg å rden, with its attractions (junibacken, Gr ö na Lund Tivoli), Skansen and the Nordic Museum are within walking distance. But room rates are the same as in the same hotel in the city center!

Note that the trip to the center of Stockholm and back- Is not cheap (30 SEK per one region per person), but if we take into consideration the time spent, the interest in them at all comes to naught. That is a ride that can and should be: in the same city subway station has a very curious, and the comparison is interesting ... but not every day!

Stockholm police

If you choose a hotel in the center of Stockholm , the advantages far more. You can enjoy a leisurely walk through the beautiful promenade, busy streets and cozy squares of the capital of Sweden, have gone everywhere and be able to fully experience the charm of the main Scandinavian metropolis, definitely do not give those who are somewhere in a hurry.

We have chosen the hotel Scandic Sergel Plaza and did not regret it. Perhaps further affected by the fact that the room got us all (just ... uh, in the same Prague for the money can be 3 days to live) for 125 euros per night (special offer, Went complete with ferry tickets) is naturally included with mandatory breakfast.

What can we say about this 4-star hotel?

Hotel room
Located on the square Brunkebergstorg, 9, is literally in the center of Stockholm . On the one hand, leaving the walls, you can go naSergels Torg, under which is the central station Stockholm subway, T-Centralen, on the other hand, in Malmstorgsgatan you in 2 minutes get to the area (Gustav Adolf Torg) in front of the Opera in Sweden, offering excellent view of the royal palace.

  1. If you godown the street Drottninggatan, persistently called all the guides in Stockholm 's main shopping artery of the city (and this is true - in addition, it is a pedestrian street), it is literally 5-7 minutes you are in Gamla Stan;
  2. The staff is polite and professional, the rooms we received upon arrival (about 10:30 am), but the estimated time of Check-In: 14.00. It's worth noting that the hotel offers free storage when you take their numbers (12.00), where you can leave your bags (we had the time to the ferry and not to wander around the city with a suitcase and a long umbrella, we took advantage of this service);
  3. Rooms have two1.5 beds, bathroom with tub and toilet, while the value of 1 and 2-bed standard rooms (not suites) differ only in the cost of breakfast;
  4. Breakfast (buffet) at the hotel is quite informative: bread and rolls are tasty, natural oil, juice is much better, "cardboard" Russian counterparts, coffee does not cause rejection. As offered hot sausage, hot bacon and something else (in appearance resembles chicken kidney), enjoyed great demand from other foreigners, as well as traditional cheese, sausage, meat, sliced ??cucumbers, tomatoes and herbs. Judging by the reviews, someone think that low-us, and early in the morning, it was enough to excess;
  5. Wireless Internet access is included in the room rate.

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