Laying the power cable


in the earth trenches, conventional channels, cable trays oftenyu made up cable connections, as well as quite often on trestles, galleries, facilities and buildings, it is usually the opening cables. Often, people are usually in most cases, the gasket is carried out in the trenches, it's simple and pretty cheap method, and quite popular.

This method is surprising for its cheapness andsimple, pretty good advantage as often is the very fact that the earth has all the conditions for a simple cooling it. But if such a wire near the ground works will be carried out it is possible to damage a cable, so you need to protect it is desirable to place it where the cable itself. In the same trench, namely ChapterUbin which should normally be 0.7 m, must often accommodate not more than 6 cables with a simple voltage of 6-10 kV, or simply just two cables for voltage of 35 kV. Beside these can be laid one bundle typically simple control cables, but no more.

Where to apply and what

This kind of laying power cables are usually quite often used in areas with large enterprises, but there is usually must beat 20 of these cables.

If simple constructions made of fire-resistant materials, the only then you can make an open pad on the walls of buildings.

Terms nochvy also taken into account, because if the soil is poor, the cable itself may be enough to break down quickly, and change it often is not in our view. But such nuances often relate it permafrost, but rather areas where it is.

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