Beautiful, picturesque village Vityazevo

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Vityazevo, beautiful, picturesque village, which is located not far from Anapa bukvalno a few kilometers. One of the areas of the big city and find it now, because earlier he was part of the city of Anapa. - Be sure to be remembered for a long time and you just want to come here again.

The founders of this village beat the Greeks, this fact explains the presence of many bas-reliefs and statues, the names of local residentsand it is also the Greek language on the streets, as evidenced in a small degree was the architecture. Greek style was also supported by developers who built hotels in the Greek style, though not all, but most. Little Athens can still call Vitjazevo.

6000   people live in this village, but despite this caveat,infrastructure is pretty good, despite the small size. This means that there may be good business to develop, this indicates the presence in various cafes, restaurants, pharmacies, beauty salon, and a small market. To get to these objects is not so difficult, just a few minutes on foot, at the same time and you can walk on withvezhem air.

Also Vitjazevo present rather big base of entertainment: attractions, toist park with ample choice of different swings, Thiry, a Ferris wheel in the evening is a disco in the open air or are accustomed to speak in the open air, reactive bowling . The beach is also not disappoint their   a variety of activities such as:extreme skiing on a catamaran, banana, you can fly trikes, plane or ATV. You can easily hire sunbeds, umbrellas which significantly improves your stay on the beach, making it more comfortable.

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