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From the outset, the bonus malus system CTP conceived for thatwould encourage the most cautious drivers in driving, if payments under the policy during the past year was not, then the insurance company, to prolong the policy, provides a discount of 5% of the base rate. Thus every year "cultural road" drivers, accumulated over several years a decent discount when buying automobile liability insurance. As a result of  it turned out that motorists riding without a single accident, really become much cheaper policy.

But in fact it turns out somewhat differently: insurers attract customers lower prices than the competition, which give due bonus malus coefficient CTP and evidence that the client has not had accidents in the past yeardo not require and does not validate the client's words from the available database. Of course, so do not do it. Many insurance companies when you make MTPL policies to new customers, demand from them the policy or certificate from the previous insurance company, otherwise the policy will be sold with a class of "3", that is, drivers will gain from the discount onbeginning.

The result was a convenient loophole for drivers who have had an accident (themselves to blame for this accident) and who do not want to pay a lot. These drivers are for the next year went to another insurance company. Discounts are they not received, but "3" bonus malus class was for them, "Paradise", compared to   cost of the policy, which they have to payor the same company.

And the reason for all this was a general reluctance of insurance companies to combine their databases into a single database for fear of losing their customers because their details will be available for competitors. Due to the rejection of such relevance and nature of changes in the insurance business bonus malus worked almost all the time etc.Procedure CTP system. Since the beginning of 2013, when the system has changed the technical inspection of vehicles, there was a need for a common database to check for a specific driver is made possible.

So now the honest drivers   easy to show proof of their trouble-free. The insurer is worth to look into the computer and all withsume clear.   But Likhachev, which is   responsible for the accident not be good - they have to "shell out" in full!

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