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Always choose the best and enjoy every moment of your life: drink aged wines from elegant Bohemian glasses, spend romantic sunsets or celebrate dear dates.

Bohemian glass is worthy of even kings

It is simply impossible to remain indifferent when you see bohemian glass products for the first time, because its history goes far back in time. From the 13th century to the present day, the creations of Czech glassblowers impress with their beauty and sophistication. Bohemian glass is considered the most recognized in the world. By the way, even in the days of ball gowns and skillful wigs, only the most noble and crowned people could afford to drink wine from a bohemian glass.

Product features Bohemia:

  • Luxurious product design, which is achieved thanks to advanced modern technologies and the work of true professionals in glassblowing. 
  • Bohemian glass of the highest quality directly from the Czech Republic, or rather from the regions of Bohemia and Silesia.
  • Best prices for great kits.
  • Great choice and a wide range of colors. offers kits for couples in love and for large companies. For you to choose from: Bohemia wine glasses for wine, champagne, whiskey, liqueur, martini, juice and more. All you have to do is choose.


Prestigious set for brandy made of bohemian glass - a gift for real men

No man will refuse to drink a little elite brandy from a chic glass of Bohemia in the evening. And to receive as a gift a whole set of exquisite Czech glasses together with a stylish decanter Bohemia Sklo will be happy to everyone without exception.

By choosing such a set, you can be absolutely sure that you will be happy with your choice. You can buy products right here, browsing our catalog, which presents a wide range of noble dishes at the best prices. Residents and guests of Kiev have a great opportunity to visit our store live and choose a set to your liking.

On our website you will find original sets of utensils, ranging from charming Karaca porcelain sets to Suavinex baby feeding utensils.

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