The Top 4 Most Instagrammed Festivals In The World

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Most Instagrammed Festivals In The World

Below we explore a few of the most popular festivals in the world and highlight why they have become the sensations they are today.

1. Tomorrowland, Belgium

With over a decade of festivals, Tomorrowland holds a strong presence in the EDM scene. Offering 16 stages there is without a doubt something for everyone to enjoy. Tomorrowland became the largest music festival in the world with over 450,000 people attending in 2016, making it a much sought-after destination to cross off the list.

The festival takes place in Boom, Belgium in a gorgeous park that when not used for the festival shifts back to its normal recreational state. As one of the most well-known festivals among partygoers globally, it’s no surprise it hits the top of the Instagram worthy list.

2. SXSW: South by Southwest, Texas, USA

Referred to more commonly as ‘South By’ this festival showcases an array of different art forms such as film, media, music and conferences. If you’re not particularly a festival person you can satisfy your need for creativity by listening to talks or viewing showcases of up-and-coming filmmakers and musicians.

SXSW showcases over 2,000 musical acts alone, and according to its website, stages concerts at over 90 venues around Austin covering nearly every genre. It’s a wonderful forward-thinking event and it’s easy to see why popping this on your Insta is proof you’ve been part of the mecca of cool kids and artists alike!

3. UMF: Ultra Music Festival, USA

The birth of Ultra was in Miami, Florida but since its inception there are now a number of Ultras around the world under the name Ultra Worldwide. This festival hosts the largest number globally, making it more attainable to attend if you can’t make it to the states.

Ultra was founded in 1999 so it’s safe to say it also holds a pretty strong legacy of bringing music to the hungry crowds. On top of that, this festival has seen some of the world's most renowned electronic DJs on its stages, making it a definite addition to any bucket list.

4. Burning Man, USA

It goes without saying that Burning Man is probably one of the coolest and most eccentric festivals out there. Taking place in the desert in a giant man-made city, you are guaranteed to feel transported into another world, just like when you play games at

Art, community, and expression are the main concepts of the festival, encouraging individuals to explore their inner creativity and truest selves as well as learning to be rather resilient as out in the desert, you have to be prepared!

Huge wooden structures are built months before the festival with the intention of being burned on different days throughout the celebration, permanence of impermanence if you will. In addition to all the wonderful artworks, festival goers also build Mad Max influenced vehicles that you can ride around the desert, and along the way, you will come across multiple themed camps each with a different kind of magic!

The choice is a hard one, if you can attend all of these festivals you may just be one of the luckiest people in the world but if you only make it to one, you’ve probably still hit the jackpot!

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