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Eight technologies that may appear in the iPhone 6


The lack of official information on what will be the iPhone 6, does not interfere with experts to create their suggestions in this regard, and Apple fans are increasingly interested in,. We decided not to lag behind other resources and build their forecasts for this account. However, be warned in advance that all hypotheses are based only on facts nriobreteniya by Apple and various patents on speculation more or less authoritative experts.

So, eight projections for the new smartphone Apple

1. The new camera features

The focus of the camera will perform faster and more accurately through the use of newthe actuator to move the lens. The photo quality is enhanced by the new technology of optical stabilization. The probability of this assumption is not less than 99%.

2. The Face Recognition function

If the iPhone 5S can recognize fingerprints, then why not have the iPhone 6 functionFace Recognition? This could be a new word in the question of safety of these devices. With this feature, a stranger would not be able to have access to your personal files, such as photos or messages, but can successfully use the basic functions. &Nbsp;

3. Function « autopilot »

Apple devices are already able to automatically adjust screen brightness depending on the light level space. It is likely that this is just the beginning. Perhaps the next generation of Apple gadgets will be able to independently adjust the volume or turn on the desired mode depending on where the user is located .This assumption is realistic, given Apple's patent on a technology called “ module situational awareness & rdquo ;. Agree, this feature would be very useful, you can not worry about what you will get in an awkward situation if the phone rings at the wrong time.

4. Safe Fall

Features Apple gadgets gyroscope and accelerometer gives the right to assume that the iPhone 6 will be able to track their fall and make it safe for the device, if the « teach » his shift the center of gravity in the fall. In other words, Apple can win « Act phone » and the device will nadat with minimal losses for themselves.  

5. Street View of Apple

One of Apple's patents can have a very real embodiment of the new iPhone. It should look something like this: Street View panorama mode, measuring speed and distance covered, the presence of output informationof surrounding objects, and so on. By the way, this is made resembles Google Street View.

6. Postfokusirovka

It is possible that the new iPhone 6 will have postfokusirovochnym regime. After all, Apple has a patent on technology that resembles the camera Lytro, with which the focus can be selectedafter the snapshot was taken. But this assumption is quite fantastic. But, unfortunately, in this mode, the camera will work with a lower focus. &Nbsp;

7. System Management

Technology « Smart Home » no longer a novelty – Many users have long control home appliancesFirst in his home or office using a smartphone. However, Apple could improve this feature, and the new iPhone will have voice control or something like that, but it will need to connect the device to a docking station.

8. Heartbeat sensor

When you first look at the technologyTheological completely incomprehensible its scope. But if you look deeper, it turns out that the testimony of the ECG can be used not only to control the user's heart, but also for the security of your smartphone. After all, like fingerprints, heart rate – piece unique. This means that the sensor can be used to authenticate Usersla. However, this assumption also borders on fantasy. But Apple's can expect anything.

That's basically all assumptions, now just have to wait, because Apple will comply with the intrigue until the autumn. But the output of a new modern device will open all the cards.

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