How to make a presentation online?


We were all students. Perhaps someone nostarshe, has not found this, but when I was at university, then we create presentations made at every step, term paper, ordinary individual work. Moreover, it should look respectable and dignified, as part of the name for it affects almost half of the total assessment.

Another example could be a teacher. InformationI have seen a lot easier when it is supported by some clarity. My mother - a primary school teacher, and even she is already actively create presentations for their students. Children has not yet even 9-10 years, but they are more receptive to information when it is well designed and presented.

An example would be set. Independently orYou are a student, an office worker, a teacher or a designer. Know how to make a presentation should be all the more when we live in the era of digital technology and the Internet, where schools instead of books, children begin to wear plates, and instead of the program - use online services.

Of course, you with confidence can say that there is still a GreLocal National and quite popular generator presentations as Microsoft PowerPoint, why do something else? I personally, presentations created in PowerPoint seem banal and interesting. Standard backgrounds, headers and templates already become boring and do not give the desired effect. Of course, the presentation is not important appearance and its content, but agree cohyeah information effectively represented - is eye-catching and makes better delve into what is in front of you. In my opinion this is the main task.

In addition to Microsoft PowerPoint there are other such programs for creating such presentations, but today I want to introduce you a wonderful online service Prezi, which, inI think that sets a new standard in how directly should look themselves presentation. In the course of the article you'll see what I mean.

For example, an online service . It is a platform for creating presentations   on-line, right in your browser. I will not paint all highly advan-tage and disadvantages, I think in the course of its review You make conclusions for themselves and make a decision: to use the service Prezi or not.

How to create your own online presentation service

In order to take advantage of this online service, you need to create it. Tothis, go to the home page and click Sign Up . In addition to the registration it is also possible to log in using your account on facebook. For this is the next button Sign Up with the logo of the social sphere.


If you choose not to useFacebook and sign up, the next thing you see - will be a page with tariff plans. Service is a shareware and offers three options for its use. I suggest to choose a free, because its conditions are more than enough to start. Detailed description of prices can be seen in the image below.

Presentation of service

The further process of registration, authorization will not describe everything as standard. If you chose Facebook -avtorizuytes him and grant permission to use the service, and if the normal registration - fill all fields and press the appropriate button.

After the logYou will demonstrate all of the main features of the service in the form of a brief guide of the four steps. If desired, it can be viewed or immediately close.

Website online service consists of three main tabs:

The first tab on it now and we are, Your prezis - hereYou can begin to create a new presentation, or are ready to view. They can also be further developed, edit, and delete.

The second tab Learn & Support - training and support: how to register, how to begin to create presentations in the online mode - everything is demonstrated step by step in the tutorial video.The only caveat - all in English, but   you can understand.

The second tab

Explore- here are examples of ready-made presentations created by other users of the service. I advise you to see a few of them. I think you'll see what I had in mind when he spoke of the new standard type of Prestation.

The third tab

In order to start creating your presentation need to go back to the first tab Your prezis and click on New prezi .

New presentation

This will open a new browser tab in which we are asked to choose wAblon presentation. Choose the one you like and click Use template . You can also start a blank presentation. To do this, just click on the Start blank prezi .

Select Template

The next step is filling the presentation. In the editor window, which opened mustmake changes in our template. At the top there is a panel on which you can add new entries, images, videos, charts, frames, change the color and font type. Also there is an opportunity to draw, using the built-brush.

The top panel

I would like to draw your attention to the fact that the presentationlocated only on one sheet and wherein all the elements are interconnected. There are no individual slides and transitions between them, as in PowerPoint. When you add objects to a presentation, they need to combine with each other in turn, how would you like to see there was a transition between them during the demonstration. To view the diagram transitionsDov, double click on the first or last of them.


In the left pane is a list of items by clicking on each of them - you can go to edit it. Here you can add or remove elements and connections between them.

The left panel

All measurabletion that you make in your presentation is automatically saved. To force the store, you can click on the floppy in the upper left corner of the editor. Next to it is also a button to undo the last change and view the presentation.

Save and preview

Whenand the presentation is ready, it can be shared with others. In order to get a public reference should press the Share and select Present Remotely . This opens a window where it will link to the presentation.

Public Links

In the same menu, you can pre rassharitpresentations via facebook or download the PDF version.

I want to remind you that under the terms of a free plan, all your presentations are public. This means that everyone can view them at the service site. Private presentations are available with the purchase of one of the paid service plans.

As completedNotices want to tell you that the presentations created online service look much more spectacular than those to which we are accustomed. Of course, up to you, but I recommend definitely try to create at least one presentation and compare the final result with the option PowerPoint .

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