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Miracle beehive: honey and its variants

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Everyone knows about the seven wonders of the world. &Nbsp; Many of them have already disappeared from the face of the earth, leaving only memories about myself. &Nbsp; They admire its grandeur and served as symbols of power civilizations that created them. But the miracle – it's not necessarily something great and grand. Next to us live little creatures who create miracles better than the ancient Egyptians, Babylonians and Greeks. And these miraclesserve man for thousands of years.

Bee Hive – than not the state? It has its own queen, her court and subjects, and the protection of workers. It has its laws and regulations that strictly fulfill all the inhabitants, and disobedience is punishable by expulsion or death. There is a struggle for the throne and the war against the invaders. Is Thisstate emerged for many thousands of years before all the people of the state. And how did this ancient civilization without a miracle?

And the miracle was not long

Honey harvested from acacia flowers

What first comes to mind at the mention of the Bees? Of course honey – sweet miracle bee kingdom!   Fragrant, sweet, playing with all the shades of the sun. Light golden, and sometimes even white, transparent and frosting for a year – Honey is harvested from acacia flowers. Due to the large percentage of fructose honey is very sweet, but it is considered a dietary. &Nbsp; Great treat for those who are watching their weight. &Nbsp;It can be used for diabetics, it is used in the treatment of eye diseases. If you are afraid that the child will have an allergic reaction to honey, but do not want to give up this product – Try acacia honey. He is considered the least allergenic of all honeys.

Buckwheat honey

The dark coreichnevy, with large crystals and rich aroma with hints of caramel – is buckwheat honey. Its smell and taste familiar to everyone and remind us of the summer visiting her grandmother, a three-liter jar of honey, which all ate spoonfuls of homemade bread. This honey is considered one of the most healing. Its dark color is due to its high content of iron.This honey is good for people with low hemoglobin levels, suffer from anemia, as well as those who have problems with the cardiovascular system.

Sunflower honey

Bright yellow, like a piece of the sun in the bank – Sunflower honey. Its flavor is reminiscent of flowering   apricots and sweet hay. He namedEET gentle, unobtrusive flavor and is perfect for those who decided to abandon the use of sugar and replace it with honey. It is recommended to add the baking of bread and pastry. He gives the baking beautiful color, unusual taste and splendor. Scientists have found that sunflower   Honey contains enzymes that are not in onetheir varieties of honey. They have a beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract and improves digestion. No wonder Sunflower honey called the best friend of the stomach.

Linden honey

Autumn brings us not only beautiful yellow leaves, which everyone loves to be photographed, but also unexpected changes in temperature, HoloCool wind, rain and sometimes snow. And at their heels are cold, cough, runny nose and other « & raquo ;. joy And then come to the aid lime honey. Its flavor will take you back in the summer, filled with the smell of linden blossoms, and its delicate flavor with a slight bitterness can not be forgotten or confused with any other honey. This honey has a high bactaritsidnymi properties, has a diaphoretic and antipyretic effect, so indispensable in the flu, sore throat, bronchitis, acute respiratory viral infection. With him doing inhalation and compresses a base for producing ointments and herbal infusions.

Forest honey

Forest Honey – real natural pharmacy. No wonder it took advantage of the drugsancient healers. Its aroma and taste will take you to the edge of the forest, in the late spring or early summer. Here linden blossom notes guessed that complement the flowers of hawthorn, raspberry, chernoklena, and the whole bouquet complemented by the scent of wild flowers and herbs. &Laquo; If you have a forest honey – you do not need a pharmacy » &Ndash; beekeepers say.And they are quite right, because the forest honey is considered to be an effective natural antibiotic. It is used in the treatment of colds, disorders of the cardiovascular and relieves fatigue and irritability, helps combat the effects of stress, increases the level of hemoglobin in the blood.

The field (meadow) honey

« Contender » forest honey – field (meadow) honey. This is a classic honey. It is he who is most often found in markets and shops. Field Honey – a set of shades of color and taste. He plays all the colors yellow spectrum, because going to a lot of different honey plants. This wild fieldvye herbs and flowers from the home flower beds, flowering garden plants, as well as buckwheat and sunflower. From all this nectar the bees prepare healthful cocktail called medical field. And every time it turns out unique. This honey is ideal for everyday use as an alternative to sugar and sweets. It has high quality and quite nizkuyu price as collect it very much. Field medical complex operates on the entire body, contributes to its improvement   and increases the tone.

How to buy kachestvenny honey

Here is a miracle created for us the ancient civilization of bees. It did not disappear and continues every year to delight us with their pojavlHAND. Come August – and everywhere on the shelves will jars and barrels with amber miracle. But if you choose, remember – He is one of the first places on the number of fakes! So buy honey only those vendors who can guarantee its naturalness, quality and compliance with all health standards in its manufactureAnd provide the relevant documents.

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