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Cleaning injectors and fuel system care

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The problem cleaning nozzles is now gripped by so many domestic car owners. Experts explain this situation a lot of counterfeit fuel offered at gas stations of the country. Qualitatively clean nozzles in a garage does not work, but the prevention of the injection motorist could hold their own.

Prevent possible contamination of nozzles can only be subject to regular replacement of the fuel filter. Most car manufacturers recommend it be changed every 20,000 km., But in that time the filter element is so worn out that under the hood of the fuel begins to flow with impurities andwater. When operating on the territory of Ukraine and the CIS fuel filter should be changed every 5-10 thousand kilometers. In addition, some models of cars can be an additional filter, which provides improved filtering of the incoming fuel.

Chemical additives

Looking at it should be noted thatoday very popular chemical additives that are added to the fuel tank cars. The active components of these additives are dissolved dirt, whereupon it is combusted in a cylinder of the engine. Outcome — clean the tank, piping and nozzles. However, the additive can be used only as a preventive agent, since large quantETS dirt they can not cope. In this case, the dissolved dirt clog fuel lines and deposited at the sites of injection system. As a result, it leads to even more problems.

Cleaning nozzles today made by two methods, but most experts Execuzuyut for this special additives. In the course of work on this method to the injection system connects a special apparatus having a tank with the additive and self-contained pump. After switching off the fuel pump automobile powerplant machine starts and runs a certain amount of time only additive. This allows you to remove the cleanings pollution of the intake manifold, fuel nozzles and cylinder power unit. It is worth noting that the connection devices for cleaning additives does not require much time. This can greatly simplify the processing of complex engines such as GDI or NeoDi. However, there have AcAdok and one significant disadvantage. As experts say, is qualitatively clear the nozzle with them is almost impossible, additives usually clean out no more than 80% of pollution.

Cleaning nozzles on the ultrasound booth

Clean nozzles on the ultrasound booth is more complex method. In this case the injection system understands, and nozzles are dismounted. They are cleaned by ultrasonic waves on a special stand. This method allows you to remove up to 95% of contaminants without harming the nozzles . Unfortunately, the highKaya complexity of most modern engines greatly complicates dismantling of the fuel system and themselves nozzles . In some cases only the removal and installation may take several days. This explains the very low popularity of ultrasonic cleaning phorsunok . However, if the system has a large number of contaminants ultrasonic cleaning is the only way to solve problems.

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