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Firstlet us define the notion of what is radar - detector, and what it's for. Radar - Detector – a special device that is mounted on the car and it serves to detect early and to alert the driver thatThat on this stretch of road works determinant of the rate fixed in the form of a surveillance camera or a local unit rate meter in the hands of the police. To select anti radar and most users are some of the rules.

The choice of anti radar and depending on the price:

In the realities of our time often price of the device has the most important role, and if you focus on the price of radar - Detectors can be divided into four categories.

The first category

This is the cost of devices up to 3 000 – this junior class of devices, such radar - detectors are suitable for those who are going to save on the device, but it must be remembered that in the radar - Detector in this price range can be significantly lower level than that of this « brothers » senior class.

The second category

Price range from 3 000 to 5 000 – middle-class devices, it is suitable for those who are quite a few moves on your avtial, but moving mainly in the city.

The third category

From 5000 to 8 000 – These devices have more advanced level of noise immunity.

The fourth category

Higher « etc.emium » category, price radar - detectors from 8000 RUR is just such devices are perfect for car trips abroad.

Protection against "lidar"

Another factor when choosing a pAdar - Detectors – a built-in protection against "lidar". Let's define some terminology that is « lidars » - Is a technology that is anti-growth gar receiving information by using optical systems, they are also rangefinders optical range.


Quite a big impact on the price of radar - the detector is the brand name under which he released. The main thing when choosing anti radar and not be influenced by advertising brands or advertisers successful marketing move, since you also do not have to when inSelecting radar - detector overpay for « brand & raquo ;. But at the same time, if there is a quality experience of using this brand, you should not neglect it neglect.

Option false positives

Quite often anti radar s do « false » response is due to the fact that they generate strong interference in certain bands and sometimes they can « trigger » on the tram or trolley. A good anti radar should be provided with the system,which prevents it from false positives.

The frequency range and the angle of wrap

If you choose a good anti radar you should know that he has to control the frequency at which the police work < span class = "key_hl" title = "Keyword"> radar s, and that X, Ultra X, K, Ultra K, Ka, Ku
At the same time it is necessary to take into account that a good radar - the detector can detect and radar s that control the speed of the car moving away. It Latitude 360 ??and tripping it inallows emu detect such devices and protect you it is not desirable to communicate with the police.

Services that can go further with the radar th

It often happens that the additional features that punctuated radar are only a cover for a weak sensitivity radar - detector. But at the same time, if the device is installed in the normal compass, voice dialing, GPS-module, and then the device will cost, respectively.

Of course, youForest radar - the detector is up to you, but if you consider our advice, you can select the device available to you at a price and of a quality.

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