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The choice of cots for babies

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In the life of every child one of the first major remaking his parents' influence on the psychology and physiology,   is the choice of crib for Newborn . It is necessary to pay more attention to safety crib . Any bedmust comply with strict safety regulations. If you want to use the old bed for a long time went beyond modern regulation - compare their features with current safety standards. &Nbsp; For Newborn Sleep – main vremyapreprovozhdenie per day, and the choice of crib is vital.

The main problem in choosing crib for newborn :

The distance between the rails

The distance between the slats in the crib for Newborn should not be more than 2-3 inches from each other to preventit children from injury or suffocation due to trapped limbs or head. Never use a bed, if there are no good, nice rack!

Metal parts crib

Make sure that the metal partsasti not have rough or sharp edges, so that your baby does not hit them. In addition, check the locks and latches to make sure that your child can not accidentally come loose and fall to the floor. &Nbsp; Many crib have a dual mechanism: day and night modes – SpanishOlza them. It is important not figured no inclined surfaces, low railings and other elements with which the infant can accidentally get out.

is loose mattress

Another problem (already almost exclusively left in the past) - is loose Matrasay. There have been cases of suffocation children because of poor-quality mattresses. Now almost all of them are standardized. We can say that the problem is in the past.

cheap or expensive bed?

When you choose a bed for your baby, do not be fooled into thinking that if you arespend a lot of money,   you'll be sure and quiet for your child. This is not the case: even expensive brands may have poor quality control in the production of cribs. Again, everything is good in moderation – do not skimp on the safety and health of their children. We recommend buying proven brands at reasonable prices.

The old bed

If you find old furniture - make sure it is not painted with a mixture of lead paint – it can poison your child. Go to the nearest laboratory and the analysis of paint. Babies love to chew on wooden railing – it may dangerously.


bed rails should be strong, the store you have to assess their reliability. The choice of round railing intelligent – repeating the above, the square have dangerous sharp edges. It makes sense to use a special plastic soft pads on sharp corners if they are still thereand they can not be avoided. Corner posts should not go more than 2 inches above the rear panel, as these handles can catch clothing baby and cause suffocation. Try to devote maximum time and focus on a selection of crib for Newborn .


must comply with fire-resistant standards established by law. Mattresses are generally available in two types: spring and foam. Other types of fat include an outer fabric andfillers, such as coconut fibers or cotton flakes. Spring mattresses can be dangerous due to its springs. It is important that the mattress was the depreciation of the upper parts of the springs, metal mesh, and other metal protective support and air circulation system. Despite the well-publicized happy children jumping etc.Dinner mattresses – Yet this is not the best way to check for wear.


Pillows are often sold as gifts for a newborn, but they should never be used without security checks. Bright, decorative pillow and funny toy can be dangerous for Rebenka – toxic. Or it could be fraught with another threat.

To summarize the above: it is important to devote as much time and intellectual effort to select the crib for Newborn – from this decision may depend the whole future life of the new man.

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