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The cozy and simple style Provence was born in the vast expanses of the provincial. In each of its manifestations, he sings the French national colors of the earth, the beauty of evergreen trees, bloody rubies berries and aromas of lavender lilac. Its elegant simplicity and organically Provence upliftingand gives a true pleasure and serenity  
The modern interior made in this noble style, characterized by a kind of old-world charm,   bright color palette and use of natural high quality materials.

Wall Decoration

In the decoration of the walls withchanging color plaster or raised wallpaper. And the plaster is applied coarse clumsy strokes, giving the impression of a certain deliberate poverty. &Nbsp; No less popular finishes can be called and drape the walls facing the board. After you complete the   Works such a surface is painted in bright pastel shades. On such atenah looks perfect bright original tapestries and paintings depicting the nature of Provence as well.

Ceiling Finish

This style is usually done using a conventional light colors. A little less, the surface is decorated with derevyannymi beams, painted in a dark contrasting colors. The main focus on this ceiling puts a massive wrought iron chandeliers, which successfully combined with the rest of the decor forged elements, such as table lamps and sconces. Their metal frame is usually decorated with floral fabric shades. &Nbsp;      

Furniture in the style of Provence

Furniture in the style of Provence as if imbued with a quiet rural lifestyle. She did not suffer unnecessary frills and tinsel. Such furniture is distinguished by its naturalness, simplicityoh and by the presence of a small amount of carved patterns. Color situation usually varies between terracotta and dairy shades. The perfect complement to the interior in the style of Provence will be massive antique chests, heavy dining tables, cabinets with mezzanines and chairs with carved legs. Not less popularin this design, and national tech style. Curtains, furniture covers and blankets made of bleached linen decorated with small floral pattern,   fit perfectly into the rustic simplicity of the interior.   Upholstery upholstered furniture in the style of Provence did not accept the quiet measured tones.It is also close to the national mood characteristic pattern textiles.

The floors in the style of Provanc

The floors in the style of Provence are usually made of natural wood. Most often used in the finishing of untreated and unpainted boards. FromTERM designers replaced like covering more innovative materials, such as solid or flooring, it is not lost in the mainstream design.
known manufacturer Bolefloor created a furor among quality floor coverings. In addition to the inherent reliability of many products, durability and abrasionsustainability, she conquered the world with its originality and naturalness. How in the world do not have two identical trees, and there are no two identical solid boards of the company. Each collection is a unique piece of nature and the breath of life. A good addition to a quiet and cozy style Provans can be a material from the collection of natural walnut. This flooring like living responds each bend of natural wood on a quiet song rustic style.
It is very difficult to find a worthy replacement for this unusual flooring. After all, as just to emphasize the true beauty of Provence and   in the state, not every flooring. Ideal to cope with such a task in a state only company Kahrs.   Its high-quality natural products are processed manually, so that no two identical pictures of the surface. It is also almost finished parquet board covered with a special oil, kotoRoe can not only significantly increase the service life, but also simplifies the care of such a coating. Vintage collection from this manufacturer has been specially created for interior design in the style of Provence . Artificially aged surface of the coating   soothes the soul and plunges into the distant No.The past.  

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