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The name "SIP panel" - an abbreviation of the English layerin Structural Insulated Panel, which roughly translates as "structural insulation panel." SIP bar is very similar to a sandwich in its design - a pair of OSB (OSB) panels, between which the insulation of mineral wool or polystyrene. These materials, in addition to excellent, Insulationproperties, are also good sound insulation.

Properties SIP panels:

  • excellent insulating ability;
  • soundproofing;
  • strength;
  • durability;
  • AGNestoykost;
  • light weight;
  • ecology;
  • availability.

The main application of SIP panels, this frame-panel construction as if to speak more correctly, the frame-panel. With noyavleniem this building material as SIP panel, frame-panel construction to get another subspecies, which is called the frame and panel construction.

SIP bar , provide an opportunity to address the following topical issues:

  • to reduce the time inozvedeniya home;
  • to cut costs in the construction of houses;
  • allow you to build frame houses, regardless of the time of year;
  • do not need the use of heavy machinery;
  • no need to invest in a strong foundation;
  • saves the further operation.

Making SIP panels

SIP bar made factory method, by gluing under pressure, polystyrene foam slabs between the twoOSB (OSB) plates. This design forms a "sandwich" with a thickness of 120 to 200 mm, thickness theoretically bar may be more, but this format has gained the most popularity in our climatic conditions You can say that this configuration is enough for a comfortable stayI'm in the house, which is built on the Canadian technology.

The structure and characteristics of SIP bar

OSB (OSB) is oriented strand board - a list that consists of several layers of wood chips, which are glued with a specialmoles with addition of synthetic wax and boric acid. Each layer has a different orientation, it looks longitudinal and transverse inside. Such a method of laying sawdust, provides OSB (OSB) boards greater strength. Himself sufficiently durable polystyrene, during operation does not crack, it does not get turned mikroororganisms, rodents and other pests, it does not rot, does not decompose and not moldy. In all of this, polystyrene, allows air to circulate. Through a combination of expanded polystyrene and OSB boards, SIP Panel , have high strength, durability and economy. The houses are built of SIP panels can be ekspluatirovat at temperatures from -50 to +50 degrees Celsius and proven service life of such buildings more than 40 years. Many developers as a design life of at least 80 indicate years in which we can safely believe.

If you have decided to use SIP bar in the construction, you will need construction fasteners (so-called fittings). We strongly recommend to use the services DNStroy, because the production of sandwich panels and fixing systems, as well as their installation - this is what the company is successfully engaged in here 6 years.

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