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Modern kitchen - a place where housewives spend a lot of time. In Order Tolighten and brighten the room, kitchens set glass aprons (skinali).

They are constructed of a special tempered glass with thickness from 4 to 10 mm. For the manufacture of glass used skinali combining a large amount of the necessary qualities: impact resistance, non-flammability, resistance to deformation. In yourdesire to make a drawing on the glass, which gives individuality and originality to your kitchen.

The process of cooking always accompanied by splashes of fat, boiling water, steam and other unpleasant factors. These phenomena are usually spoil the appearance of the kitchen and make it difficult to clean or cleaning. If your walls are protected by a special glass, the problemswith cleaning can be avoided.

Glass aprons have a large number of advantages over other types of aprons (for example, made of tile or porcelain).

Benefits glass aprons:

  • smooth surface;
  • legkosbe washing;
  • impact;
  • heat resistance;
  • Easy installation (no special skills required).

Installation of glass panels

When installing the panels, always make sureon the walls at the installation site there are no protruding or sharp objects. If it is not, correct the defects and irregularities, otherwise there is a danger of damage to the glass during installation. When smooth wall has a small curvature, safe installation (small bend the panels are not afraid). Prior to installing, always make sure that the dimensions of the panels respectivelytstvuyut required dimensions. For angular aprons should make sure the vertical surface and the presence of a 90 angle between the wall on which you are installing windows. Avoid friction between the surface of the walls and glass - it can cause damage to the figure, should keep this in mind when installing.

The glass panels more oftenmounted on special metal wares - plugs into which screws are screwed. To exclude mechanical damage during installation, use silicone damper. They do not provide metallic surface in contact with glass screw. Decorative caps are used to mask fasteners.

To pass for panellived for many years, you should observe the following rules during installation:

  • panel must be at a distance of 5 cm from a gas or electric stove;
  • Do not touch the glass and metal objects, as well as the use of unsolicited mounting FurnIturi;
  • if the glass apron is made up of individual panels, the joints to be treated with silicone sealant that will eliminate the ingress of dirt between the panels;
  • screwing the screws should not be too hard to tighten them as excessive force will damage the glass;
  • lights should be located no closer than 30 mm to the artistic laminated glass and 70 mm - the glass with UV printing;
  • not allowed end strikes, because they will lead to breakage of glass.
Glass apron decorate your kitchen and give wish hermy flavor: it is extremely easy to install, sturdy, durable. Skinali - the perfect design solution for any kitchen!

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