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The modern interior is notpossible without a competent and high-quality design of the sexes. Bulk Floor – It is durable floor covering made of new high-tech materials: epoxy, polyurethane, methyl methacrylate polymers, mineral mixtures and modifying synthetic additives.Original and unusual bulk Floor are considered to be all the rage and are the calling card of any room.

Decorative 3D Floor

Decorative 3D Floor &Ndash; are one of the variants of liquid polymer floor, which is characterized by exclusive appearance. The uniqueness of the floor created by, is that their base coat applied to a photo or image on the top is covered with a transparent polymer layer. So, under your feet on the floor get a great three-dimensional image, the depth of whichOn depends on the thickness of the transparent topcoat. Rather than photographs or drawings to 3D sexes can use crystals, pebbles, colored sand, coins, shells, glitter, dried leaves and flowers, and other decorative materials.

equally effectively decorate any room, and at the same time have the quality characteristics, totorye not fully repeated in any of the existing types of flooring today. The composition of the polymers and a special hardener creates an incredibly strong and durable fine Floor , have a number of distinctive features.

AboutSobienie decorative floor:

  • The use of a wide temperature range;
  • Fire and water resistance;
  • Resistance to physical and chemical attack;
  • Exquisite appearance, edgecell and the quality is preserved for many years;
  • The absence of gaps and seamless on the surface of all sizes;
  • Wear resistance to any mechanical stress, friction and gravity;
  • The perfect adhesion to concrete screed, the guarantoriruyuschee durability;
  • A huge range of textures, colors and decoration possibilities, allowing you to use 3D Floor in any design decisions. < / li>
In addition, bulk Floor hygienic and easy to clean. In coatings simply no cracks and gaps where is packed dirt and dust. Decorative 3D Floor is kept absolutely any load. Lifetime warranty liquid coatings – 40 years! However, their structure and color-rich palette remainedare unchanged. If the damage is bulk Floor can easily be restored as separate parts, and completely.

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