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Types of flooring


The correct choice of flooring plays a huge role in creating the interior of any dohm. Making the walls and ceiling are generally less expensive and time consuming than sex. Therefore, design experiments to change the situation in most cases limited to plywood wallpaper or repainting ceilings. On the floor covering is not so simple, and so his choice should be approached with great care. The modern market of finishingMaterials offers a variety of options for the design of floors. They differ in terms of functionality, complexity of installation, durability, cost of materials and other important indicators. Choose from all offered types of flooring that best meets individual preferences, the task is not very difficult, if onacquainted with their advantages and disadvantages.


This is a long-known type of coil coating, made from polymers. Linoleum is the Budget and universal kind of floor covering. He can be nice fit, thanks to the variety of drawings and simulationth at all kinds of decoration materials in the interior of any room. Linoleum is very unpretentious care, water resistance and simple to install. However, since this is an artificial material to draw them flooring in the bedroom or nursery undesirable. And its application in the field of cross-impractical because of its lack of resistance tomechanical damage.

Ceramic Tile

ceramic floor tiles ideal for rooms with high humidity and high hit probability on the surface of the water, dirt and grease. That is, ceramic tile perfectly manifest themselves in the bathroom, in the kitchenand in the hallway. Tiles can be easily adapted to any style of interior, as its palette of colors and textures is very diverse. The apparent advantage is the thermal resistance, which makes it possible to use it in the warm floor. Ceramic tile is not afraid of changes in temperature and various detergents. But half of it can trespull the falling heavy objects. Considering it as an option, you must remember that it is fragile and cold material. And put it on your own, without possessing certain skills, it is not possible.


For more than a century parquet is a luxuryoverlooking th floor. Of course, the technology of its production and appearance improved, but he remained an indicator of the special status of the owner of the room, which has impeccable taste. &Mdash; environmental and durability under normal use. Caring for them is really not an easy task, and its installation at all inconceivable without highqualified specialists. But it is a natural type of flooring their energy makes room for this cozy and warm. Wooden objects act on the body is very beneficial. And if a tree covered the entire floor, the atmosphere in a room affects the person calming. Of course, the price and the value of its parquet Montazha are its significant shortcomings, rather, this material was isolated from a number of public. Also note that the room humidity acts detrimental to the floor.


Laminate flooring looks like. But it's a totally different type of flooring, withstanding of several layers. The top decorative layer, though artificial, resembles natural wood. Now it is available in different shapes, and can repeat the pattern not only wood but also stones and even mimic the picture. But its popularity is due not only to the aesthetic diversity. Laminate sufficiently durable materialwhich is unpretentious care. If you choose the correct grade laminate and come to his installation is responsible, that is, to comply strictly with all the recommendations, it is beautiful and practical flooring lasts 10 — 15 years without giving up a ladies' hairpins or under the claws pet.

While in the processesBehold the choice of flooring, you need to know exactly what is a priority to select it. Since the more expensive material, it environmentally safe and durable. In many cases, cost-effective to spend money once and choose flooring that will delight the owners of their appearance and quality for many years.

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